Part 4- Jungkook's Secret

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As I entered the school building, I noticed I was getting a lot of stares, even more than on the bus.

What did I do now? Is this because he sat next to me on the bus? I know hes in BTS but Im over it. I dont want to talk about BTS ever again.

I just tried to ignore them and continued to homeroom.

Great. Homeroom with Jungkook. That kid is so weird..haha, all of BTS is weird and insane in their own way. DAMMIT. Im getting attached again. I dont even know what to think of him. I still dont get how he's popular around here.

A lot of them arent even Korean, so they aren't aware of his popularity in Korea.

I wondered why Jungkook was studying in America.

When I took my seat, I noticed that there were a group of girls surrounding his desk. I laughed softly. Thats so pathetic. They were all the popular girls that were all dolled up looking on the bus. They all seemed to like him.

No matter what they asked him, Jungkook would reply with a "sorry. Im busy." He seemed to notice I was there, right next to him. A famous star was sitting right next to me, and I wasn't going crazy.

Soon, the school bell rang and the teacher took attendance.

She explained to us that we were going to be having a get-to-know-eachother activity. We had to pick a partner. I was looking around the room for Cara when I soon remembered I only had math with her.

I sighed. There's gotta be someone here to talk to, other than Jungkook.

All the popular girls were asking Jungkook to be their partner. He replied with the same response, "sorry, im busy." I laughed again. It was like watching a tv show and rewinding just to watch a part again.

"Do they seriously just like him because he is handsome?"

"What'd you say?" a familiar voice asked. I looked up.

I wasnt supposed to say that out loud. Oh no. It was Jungkook.

"Lets be partners eh? Also what did you say?" he said with that annoying smirk.

"What why, and I didn't say anything." I responded shyly.

"I know you said something about me being handsome. I know I'm pretty good looking right?" he said proudly.

I just chuckled with my hand over my mouth. I was blushing.

You're probably wondering why I'm not freaking out that a famous Kpop star is asking me to be his partner. If you were me, you would say yes with no doubt, but I was over it. I had learned to contain my feelings and treat them like normal people...well...because they were. 

"Ok. Whats your favorite subject?" he asked.

Was I seriously going with the fact that I was going to be his partner?

I turned around and the annoying girls were looking at me with an angry look. Jungkook told me to focus and answer the question.

"I like math." I answered. "Ugh. Why?" he said. "I dont know. Im pretty good at it." I explained.

"You're good at math, and I'm good at everything." he said.

"Golden Maknae." I whispered.

"What?" he asked. "Golden Maknae." I repeated confused.

"You know who I am?" he asked softly.

"Uh..yeah. You're Jungkook from the BulletProof Boy Scou-" He didnt let me finish.

"How do you know that?" he asked. He seemed worried.

"I am a fan." Not anymore though, I thought.

"You CANNOT tell anyone about me being famous!" he loudly whispered.

"I am studying to help my hyung at home in Korea. Jin's mother needs a tutor to teach her math and English because she has a mental condition, so I am here trying to learn as much as I can." Jungkook explained.

"Really? Why didn't Jin volunteer to help his own mother?" I wondered."

"He did of course, but I didn't let him. I wanted him to stay in Korea taking care of everything because he's the oldest."

"And the most awkward." I added.

Jungkook smiled a little. "Yeah, and since I'm the youngest, I decided to come back to school."

"That is super nice Jungkook." I said back. He laughed a little. "Yeah I guess. But you seriously cannot tell anyone because if you do, then people will begin to become fans and then go nuts. Then I might not- Oh you know what, too many problems afterwards. I am trusting you ok?"

I nodded. "I PROMISE!" I didn't want to ruin anything for BTS, even if I wasn't a strong and dedicated fan anymore. 

~After Classes In The Dorm~

I grabbed my phone and dialed dad's number. I have to call him. I miss him to death.

"Hi dad." I said happily.

"Oh Andrea! How's school there?"

"It's not bad, not bad at all. Math was fun with a new friend I made named Cara. She isnt very good at it, but she always tries her best and she keeps me in a good mood." I explained.

"That's wonderful sweetie!" dad yelled through the phone. He seemed really excited and happy for me, and that made me grin.

"Any other friends or fun things that happened today?" he asked.

I wanted to tell him about Jungkook, but I decided to save it for later. "My roommate Mary is awesome too." I said. "MARY! SAY HI ITS MY DAD ON THE PHONE!"

Mary raced out of the bathroom and grabbed the phone. "Hello! I am Mary Greene!" she shouted.

I was laughing. Mary was making dad smile. I could feel it even if I couldn't see it.


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