Chapter one

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I do not own Inuyasha! Only my OC(S)! 

I hope you all enjoy this. It's my first fic dealing with Anime. I'm going off from the show, it's a little AU, I guess. This story is only for fun and hopefully help me defeat writers block for another story of mine.

May 22 2018 update: I have started writing again! Don't worry this story is fully completed! Just letting you all know that I have a new story up that is about Spider Man homecoming that is a Peter Parker/Spider-man OC romance fanfic called Ashes. I also have other good stories posted as well that you can check out. Thank you


A long time ago there once lived a Inu Youkai King and Inu Youkai Queen who loved each other very much. One day the Queen gave birth to a beautiful little princess. It was the happiest day of the King and Queen's life. But their happiness would not last long. In their kingdom a vicious war was going on, between the Panthers Youkai and Inus territory. The evil Panthers wanted to take over the Inus territory as their own, but the King would not allow it. He commanded his armies to fight the horrible Panthers, but they were much stronger.

Months went by and the Panthers came closer and closer to the castle. Worried about the safety of his wife and child, the King had sent them far away to another land, where they would be safe from the dreaded Panthers. Unknowing to them the King had sealed their youki and hid it somewhere they would never be able to find it.

"Mama, I thought this was going to be a story about princesses, Queens, Kings and things like that, not Youkais?" a little girl of ten years old asked her mother as she laid in her bed for the night.

"But it is about a princesses and the others. I didn't say they weren't going to be Youkais. Now let me finish." the young woman told her child.

The Queen took her child and hid in the unknown land knowing nothing of the strange world that they now lived in. If it hadn't been for a generous family, they would had died from evil metal monsters that roamed the land. There they lived and waited for many years, but the King never came. Even now they are still waiting for him. Hoping he would return to them one day. The End.

"That story stunk." she told her mother, "And it didn't even have a happy ending!"

"I'm sorry, Kaori, but you wanted a story and that's the only one I knew." the woman told her child as she stood up from sitting on the child's bed.

She bent over and kissed her little girl's forehead, before leaving the room as her child went to sleep. The woman stopped at the door and stared sadly at her child wondering and worrying about her husband.

~Kaori's P.O.V~

I awoke with beads of sweat on my forehead. Why do I keep having that stupid dream? It didn't make sense, it was just a dumb story Mama told me as a kid. I let out a sigh and wiped the sweat from my forehead.

"The air conditioner must be out again." I sighed as I got out of my bed.

I grabbed my school uniform as I left my room for the small bathroom for a quick shower before school starts.

"Kaori? Are you up?" Mama asked me and I paused at the bathroom door.

"Yeah, I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll be right out!" she shouted, before walking into the room.

I took a quick shower thinking about my dream. What was so special about that anyway? It was just a story. Eh, I shouldn't even be worrying about it. I have more things to worry about like my math test. Crap! I forgot all about it! Oh man, I hope I won't fail it like the last time!

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