The Carrington Series ~ [A Summary of Books]

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[Highest Ranking #1 in Prologue, #5 in Novella out of out 1,000 + Stories 3/29/19]
Is This Shoulder Taken? Kendall Finds Her Heart
The Carrington Series {Book 1} ~Kendall Prescott was an Art Gallery
owner looking forward to her wedding to the handsome Mark West,
her childhood crush. He breaks their engagement and in the process,
her heart. How will she ever find her heart again? Enter the Devastatingly Handsome, charming, extremely wealthy Billionaire and self proclaimed eternal bachelor, Greyson Carrington.  Will their blossoming friendship turn into a love that heals Kendall's heart? Or will he break her heart, after an unexpected twist happens in his life? Read to find the answer. . .

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[Highest Ranking #9 in Novella 5/16/18]

The Art of Loving
The Carrington Series {Book 2} ~ Sheila Summers, is an Art Gallery Assistant, who runs away from her Upper East Side, NYC, upbringing as a Socialite. She comes from a very wealthy family who always compared her to her stunning, and more successful sister. Will Sheila, ever appreciate her own beauty and value? Can she find success, acceptance and love in her own life, with the help of the strikingly handsome, Brody Carrington? He is the Carrington's cousin, who moves to Dallas, to work for Carrington Enterprises. Will his love be enough, to remove her deep emotional scars, and a hidden past? Find out in this Novella. . .

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The Return Of Carrington
The Carrington Series{Book 3} A Novella ~ Colin Carrington, gets a jaw-dropping phone call from Greyson Carrington, a cousin he had never even heard of. That phone call would change the life of Colin and his brother, Shayne, forever. They went from being raised in a middle class family, to members of, the Carrington Multi-Billionaire Family, one of the richest Oil Families, in Dallas, Texas. Find out how this journey all began, and follow Colin's new journey when he meets Bianca Thatcher, who just might help Colin, heal his emotional scars, in his quest to keep her safe, from her Obsessed Ex-Boyfriend, JAGGER.


Dallas, Texas
One Year Earlier. . .


Flashback. . .

We all took a seat at his bedside. . . It was so hard, watching this once, strong and invincible man, become so frail.  He was the driving force of this family.  There were family pictures all around him, on his dresser, night stand, and hanging on the walls.

There were pictures of Daddy and Momma, of him and his father and mother.  Pictures of his brother, Connor, pictures of me and Colton, our wives and his grandchildren.  Pictures of Brody, and his family.

My father was a proud husband, father, uncle and grandfather.

I gently massaged his shoulder to awaken him, "The three of us are here, Daddy."

His eyes opened, and his grey eyes, so much like mine, were filled with love and warmth.

Colton, Brody and I, did everything we could to keep it together. We knew the inevitable, was coming soon.

"I wanted all three of you boys here, to tell you something very important."  He spoke with labored breathing.  He had to use extra oxygen in his nose.

Daddy, started coughing and continued, "There were three original Carrington
sons, at one time. Me, and my two brothers, Connor and Nicholas, but we called
him, Colin. He was the oldest."

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