Chapter 2

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[] TIME PASS - 15 minutes []

Our class, 1-A, was outside with each of us dressed in our training uniforms. I stood and waited patiently, as soon as everyone was settled the teacher told us the individual who did the worst on the Quirk Assessment Test would be expelled. I was a bit shocked -- expulsion? Our entire homeroom began freaking out. I kept a straight face, I knew I couldn't fail...I have great control over my quirk, I should be fine, right? Soon enough I hear the girl with the friendly appearance yell:

"You can't send one of us home! I mean, we just got here! Even if it wasn't the first day -- that isn't fair!" I saw why she'd be upset, but if I were completely honest I'd say that I didn't believe Professor Aizawa's threat of expulsion. When I looked back at my teacher, he didn't look bothered at all by what she said.

"Oh, and you think natural disasters are? Or power hungry villains, hm? Or catastrophic accidents that wipe out whole cities? No. The world is full of unfairness. It's a hero's job to try to combat that unfairness. If you want to be a pro you're gonna have to push yourself to the brink. For the next three years U.A. will throw one terrible hardship after another at you. So, go beyond -- plus ultra style. Show me it's no mistake that you're here." His words moved me, it was at that point that I felt as proud as I could to be roaming the halls of U.A. High. This school really does train the world's next best heroes.

[] TIME PASS - 30 minutes []

I passed all of my tests with flying colors. I was doing better than okay. Not only did I prove myself a powerful member of my class, but I found out some of my classmates and their quirks as well: Tsuyu has a frog related quirk, Iida has engines on his calves, Uraraka can control the gravity of whatever she touched, Bakugo (the crazy, raging blond) has some sort of 'explosive sweat' quirk...ew wtf, and Todoroki has ice and fire powers...he didn't use his fire quirk for whatever reason though. I noticed it was time for our final test -- a 50 meter dash. I waited quietly for my name be called and find out my assigned partner. Soon enough, I heard it.

"__Y/N__L/N__ and Katsuki Bakugo!" I felt my chest drop. How about Baku-no? Ugh, this should be fun. When we were the only ones left we both walked over to the start, I was a bit scared. I knew I couldn't lose to Ratsuki.

"Hey, you! You think you can beat me this time? Ha...I'd like to see you try!" he hissed. Seconds later, there was a gunshot and the race began.

Bakugo was using his explosive quirk to expel him forward, but I used my wind quirk to give me extreme speed and get in the lead. I got to the finish line in 2.19 seconds and noticed Bakugo was only halfway complete. I laughed quietly and headed back towards my school. Not 3 seconds later I heard someone yelling at me -- Bakugo.


"Sorry, it's quite simple really: I didn't cheat. Just accept it -- I'm better than you, Bakugo." I say with little emotion, I am not letting this literal creaton get into my head. I walked away with a smirk plastered on my face and feeling a sense of pride within myself. To my surprise, I soon heard his bothersome squeal once again.

"ICY-HOT, YOU BASTARD. WHAT THE FUCK?!" I turn around to see Bakugo frozen to the ground. I stop walking and watched the two boys, still not fully understanding what's going on.

"You had it coming, you should really learn how to control yourself." responded Todoroki blandly. He walked away, unbothered. I followed him and made my way back to the building.


Wow, I knew there was something about __Y/N__. She controls her quirk effortlessly, I wonder how much she has practiced to get to this point. I saw how she beat Bakugo in the dash and noticed that he was enraged, he mustn't be able to accept defeat well. He was accusing her. Yelling at her. What a clusterfuck. She turned her back for a second, and just when the sore loser was going to use his explosive quirk against her, I acted. Next thing I knew the asshole was frozen from the neck down. I may have overdone it?

As I headed back to the U.A. building I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I turn around to find __Y/N__ staring back at me. She had a close-eyed smile on her face...something I didn't expect I would get to see from her.

"Todoroki! I just, uh...wanted to say thank you. Bakugo can be a bit, well you know — a handful. So, thanks for that."

"It was nothing. He has been nothing but a cunt all day, he was bothering me too." She kindly smirked and waved goodbye as she ran into the girl's locker room. I didn't notice it at first, but I was smirking slightly as well and my face felt warm. Her smile must've been contagious? Once I was in the locker room Kaminari pointed out my "rosy cheeks" -- what's this all about? I don't quite understand. I did notice one thing: it's different when I talk to her, it's like all the hatred inside me melts away. I have barely spoken to her, but I might attempt getting to know her. Showing emotion may not be one of strong suits, so I guess I will try -- somehow.


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