Part 1- Life Is Hard

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On Saturday, mom passed away with lung cancer and I just couldnt bear to live on. I simply wanted to die! I don't have anyone anymore. I only have those stupid posters in my room of BTS, the band I was listening to when she died in the hopsital.

I whispered to myself, "I shouldve been there with her! ANDREA!!! YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT! AGGHHH!!!! BTS, YOU'RE LIKE A STUPID CURSE!! UGHHHHHH"

I ripped the posters off the wall and threw them under my bed with rage seeping my veins. I dont even care about BTS anymore. I wouldnt even care about them if they lived in my house! They distracted me from my own mother!!!!!! This wasnt even a reason for me to hate them, and I was being stupid, but I didn't care.

"Andrea...sweetie?" My dad had just entered my bedroom.

"Yea dad?" I replied. "Andrea...why are all your posters ripped up?" he asked softly.

"Dad...when mom passed, I was listening to this band. I dont want them in my room anymore. I will just find something else to obsess over." I said with my head down. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone, even my own father.

"Honey. That is nonsense." he replied.

I just nodded. It was nonsense, but my emotions were impossible to be controlled. Dad just closed the door and went away. He looked ashamed. "Get yourself together." he said slowly.

Oh my gosh!!! Why am I so stupid?!!!! All I did was sit there and cover myself with pillows and blankets as I just cried and cried till my eyes were as dry as sandpaper. Cry FOREVER!!😭

AUTHOR- wow this is gets better i promise ❤️😂 I really really promise this gets better. The first impression sadly isn't the best but it gets more dramatic as you read. This is just the sad part of her life. ENJOY READING AND THANKS!!

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