Sailor Tom x Siren Tord (part 1)

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@Fruippee suggested this. It's a pretty cool idea since it's summer now, and I like Greek Mythology tooooooo

Don't correct me if I get some information about Sirens wrong. I'm going to mix it up anyways so it can fit the story I have in mind.

I hope you enjoy ^^

World Pov (for introduction)

There's a captain with his small crew, who's new to the seas. Captain Edd craves to sail on the ocean blue. To go on thrilling adventures with his buds and see amazing sights. Matt desires money, or anything that's shiny and beautiful. Including his perfect face. Mirrors are also another object that pleases him very much. 
And now Tom. The sailor who often feels lonely even though he's with his two friends most of the time. Despite the company, he feels lost. There's this emptiness inside him. An odd feeling making him feel separated from others. He drinks often to get the thought off his mind. Also, being intoxicated makes him more social. Which comforts him. Making him think he's not a complete freak. 

You wouldn't think people like Tom can have friends, right? Well, only kind hearted people like Edd would. He ignores those types of flaws. Letting Tom know, he's not alone. That he can be there for him.

Through time, Tom was introduced to Matt. Edd's greatest friend. This narcissistic ginger is also extremely friendly when meeting new people. So the two of them didn't have trouble getting along at all.

Even though Tom still doesn't talk much til this day, he has more than Matt and Edds trust. There's a brotherly like bond between Tom and the two. There would be small, meaningless arguments. And moments worth cherishing forever. Losing Tom would hurt more than any physical pain given. 

Present day, about three months in from just becoming sailors. They have enough experience to call themselves descent. Mistakes don't come often, which is good. The crew finally gathered enough money for defenses. Like cannons, and harpoons. Tom volunteered to operate them when needed. 

Tom's Pov

Alright. We're loading the ship of any supplies for our journey. Or adventure. Quest? Matt just found out about this Mystical Mirror, and is going nuts over it. Since he loves his completion so much, and other pretty things. This mirror is basically the grand prize to achieve. Edd and I thinks the journey would be too dangerous, especially since we're beginners. But he convinced us to take the risk.

The old lady that told us about The Mystical Mirror warned that there will be dangerous creatures  in that path that we should avoid. Also noting that it's every man for himself out in those waters. That mirror is truly a treasure to be admired, since it proves you've fought over your greatest, sexual sensations and selfishness. 

Honestly, I have no idea what she means by that last part. Fighting over sexual sensations.

Though I'm still young (23 I guess) I never been in love. There's no one else like me who can truly know what I'm going through. That person will make me feel whole again.

But I'm never finding some one like that ever. Since I'm a hopeless drunk, forever alone. I think I'll be okay.

Right now, I'm sneaking a few barrels of Smirnoff onto the ship while Edd is negotiating with a merchant for fish. Matt is carrying other boxes of food. Carrots, potatoes, apples, etc.

With my last barrel, Edd called out.

"Tom?" I turned around, slowly, since the barrel was so heavy. It obviously looked like I was struggling.

"Y-Yeah?" I pulled up a nervous grin. Sweat pouring down my temples. From being both nervous and tired as hell.

"What are you carrying?"

"It's a .... barrel of salt! You know.....for the fish. To keep them fresh?.."

There was some silence before Edd answered.

"Fine. I'll allow it this time since it's going to be a looong journey." He said, followed by a wink. Then walk off to fetch the fish. 

Oh. So he knew that this is alcohol....

Edd must expect this type of behavior from me then...

Of course he doesn't think ill of me, it's just....this is who I turn out to be.

A lonely drunk.

I don't bother to put in the effort anymore since the Smirnoff is the only real pleasure I have.

Once everything was loaded, and we're prepared for our voyage, we pulled up the anchor. The ocean breeze felt relaxing against my face. It makes me feel I have no worries at all. Everything felt peaceful. No commotion. No society. Just me, my buds, and the ocean. 

On the S.S _______ (you name it in the comments ^^)

Part 2 should be out soon. I hope.

I'm actually really into this. Hehe.

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