Chapter 4

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warning: smut 😏

She took my hands and put them around her waist, then lied hers behind my neck. I smashed my lips into hers, felling the warmth between us. Her lips were so soft, if only you could imagine...

She flopped on the cozy bed with me on top. Her hands quickly went down to my ass and the smacked the shit out of it.

"Fuck, Billie!" I exclaimed. It actually hurt, but I didn't care because she didn't let me whine. She continued the kiss, squeezing my ass gently now. I could feel her smile through the kiss, which made me very happy. I pulled away and pinned her hands to the bed, then pulled off her hoodie. Then we sat up and I unclasped her bra.

"Please don't throw it onto the floor, it's too expensive to be treated like that," she giggled.

I laughed and put it gently on the bedside table, "I think it will be safe there," I said before kissing her right behind the ear. Slowly, I went down to her neck and started sucking on her sweet spot. Leaving hickeys and bite marks all over it, I went down to her collar bones, kissed her soft skin there too, and finally went lower to her boobs.

I carefully cupped her left one and started sucking on the right nipple, licking it at times. She moaned in reply. I sat up and untied her sweats. Then, I quickly pulled them down, accidentally pulling her underwear off too. Or maybe not accidentally...

I gently kissed the inside of her thighs.

"For God's sake, can you just fuck me already?" she said, moaning as I was getting close to her pussy.

"Wow, you're wetter than water!"

"Shut up! Water is NOT wet!" she yelled in my ear. Alright, I though, it you say so...

My finger carefully went inside. She whimpered, as I started pumping in and out.

"Fuck, Y/N!"

I smirked and bent down to suck on her clit. She started shaking, moaning louder every second.

"What about not waking the neighbors, huh?" I said, smirking as I looked up at her.

"Oh please, don't even-" she was cut off by me going back to my job, "Fuck."

My fingers went out as I inserted my tongue inside. She was getting wetter and wetter, I was just enjoying it more and more.

"Ahh Y/A, I'm so close!!"

"Go ahead," I said looking up at her as she arched her back and came.

She looked at me, gasping for air. I went up to kiss her again, her lips were still trembling a little. She licked my lip, asking for entrance, I gladly let her in. She started exploring literally every single corner of my mouth.

I pulled away and grinned at her. She smiled back. I gave her a quick peck and smiled again.

God, I love this girl!

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