Little Hellion

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I reached 1k! Can you believe it, cause I can't. I'm so excited, so as a little treat I decided to write from Theodore's POV. I hope y'all like it. Thank you guys so much.❤️ I just want to say that criticism is still welcome, so if you find something wrong don't hesitate to point it out.

I held Lady Harringson's hands as gently as I could, as a proper gentleman would.

"You are stunning this morning." I complimented her aloud, but in my head I was questioning the reason for her appearance in my office. She was unannounced, and more importantly unwanted. This is my domain and I didn't like the idea of her here.

I knew once we were married that I had a duty to provide for her, henceforth, what was mine would then be hers. But right now this was my office, a room that I would like to keep as my own.

"Awe." She blushed fiercely, her eggshell skin turning into a blotchy canvas. "You have a way with words your grace." She bowed her head and dipped into a perfect curtsy. For some unknown reason the action irritated me.

The question of her appearance and why she was in my personal space continued to tug in my head.

I plastered a deceptive smile on my face. It was the one that looked authentic, but was far from it. "And why have I been bestowed with the pleasure of seeing you this fine morning?" I lowered her hands and took a step back. I wouldn't want people to think something scandalous if someone should happen upon my study.

That kind of attention was more for my friend, Kingsley. I wanted our engagement to be untainted by the lies of society. If someone were to happen in here and get the wrong idea our union would be seen as a way to escape scandal than what it was really for, convenience.

Lady Harringson flattened the front part of her dress, causing my eyes to trace her slight curves. She was a sight to behold with her small stature, pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was the belle of the ball, chased by plenty of men during her first season. Sweet, but enough of a tease to have a second season.

She would make a perfect wife. That is why I chose her amongst the others. She was sharp but knew her place as a woman; kind but not a pushover; and she had good taste but wasn't too greedy.

She was perfectly balanced. What more could I ask for in a future partner? I would definitely love her someday.

She flashed her pearly teeth, "Mama wants to know which one you prefer, coral or seafoam?"

My brain short-circuited for a second. Did she come all the way here, to my manor, to ask such a silly question? I looked down into her eyes and saw the question swimming in their depths.

"They're both so different, ones pink and the other is a light blueish green. I want you to choose." She reached down and clasped my hands in hers. I suddenly felt like I was making a monumental decision as I tried to gauge the seriousness of the question.

I opened my mouth and at that exact moment the double oak doors slammed open and in walked three young woman. The doors loudly bounced against the walls of my study and I winced. My poor office was being invaded today. How did this happen?

The three females weren't random, no, in fact I knew them all very well, too well in my opinion. They were my sisters.

They used to be little terrors that Jake and I would make fun of, but those days were long gone.

I looked at them with Lady Harringson's hands still clasped in my own to see that two of the three were glaring at me. I was in trouble, deep trouble.

I suddenly felt under attack. When we were younger they used to run from Jake and I as we chased them, but as I looked at Rose and Chleo, the older of the three girls, I felt outnumbered.

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