Jealousy or Love? Part 2

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Here's the sequel to my second Legolasxreader story. Things are going to get interestinggg. Don't worry though, there will be a final part 3.
Warning: angstttt

You, Legolas and several other elves guided the prisoners down the elegant Mirkwood halls. As you walked behind Kili, you noticed that he looked back to stare at you with his round, brown eyes. Sometimes you would briefly glance back, but most of the time you tried to not make eye contact. You bit your lip in annoyance and frustration. Kili emitted a soft, dry laugh.

"So, I never really did get your name," Kili spoke softly to you so he wouldn't be heard by the other elves.

"I don't speak to prisoners."

"Not even handsome ones like me?"

You smirked and then rolled your eyes, "If I tell you my name, will you leave me alone?"

"Hmm... maybe."

"Fine, then. I'll take my chances. Name's Y/N,"

"Oooh, Y/N. Beautiful name for a beautiful elf," Kili gave you a toothy grin, his eyes shining.

"Whatever you say. Now shut up, dwarf, we're almost at the prison cells."

Each elf shoved their prisoner into the cells. All of the dwarves had either grim or sorrowful expressions on their faces. A dwarf with long, wavy brown hair especially had a hateful expression on his face. It was almost enough to make you flinch.

You were about to push Kili in his cell when he suddenly took one of your dainty soft hands in his broad, calloused one. He smiled, "Maybe we'll be able to see each other again some time, and talk more. I am very fond of you, Y/N," as Kili leaned down to kiss your hand, suddenly something rammed into him.

Legolas had Kili pinned roughly against the wall, "Get your hands off her, you dwarf swine!" Legolas spat, his normally docile blue eyes turning as cold as ice.

Kili struggled in Legolas' grip, but still snickered, "You have a problem with me and the cute elf? It's not my fault she has great taste."

"YOU CHEEKY SCOUNDREL!" Legolas lifted his arm to throw a punch at Kili, but you quickly stepped in front of him.

"Legolas, stop it!" you shrieked, holding his arm back. Legolas blinked a couple times, the spiteful frown on his face turning into a look of worry. He slowly put his arm down.

"I-I'm sorry, my love..." Legolas quietly said, looking away. The other elves were looking at him in horror. Legolas walked away, along with the other elves. You were about to call after him, but instead you sighed and guided Kili into his cell.


You were stationed for nighttime guard duty. You sighed. You really, really wanted to talk to Legolas. You never really got a chance to since the incident with Kili. Maybe I'll at least get to figure out if Kili is okay. I hope Legolas doesn't really think that I love Kili though. He's just a friend. After drifting in your thoughts like a stick floating down a river, you arrived at the cells. It seems like all of the dwarves were sleeping. Some were snoring loudly. You decided to sit against the cell with your legs crossed. You leaned your head against the cell bars and closed your eyes.

Something tapped your shoulder, "Hey!"

Instantly you stood up, whipping around with a dagger out.

"Heyyy, heyyy, relax," Kili laughed, putting his hands up. You relaxed your tense shoulders then gave the cheeky dwarf a cold glare.

"Why would you do that?!"

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