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So, as you have noticed, I haven't been able to write a lot for Wattpad, the reason behind this is because it's starting to take a toll on me, you see, apart from Wattpad I write for myself, program for my club and play videogames and do very exhaustive investigations, even before Wattpad so now, apparently, my eyesight is starting to be affected and my posture too and the medic I went to for seeing if there was something I could do to refrain this, he ordered me to stop doing ALL of it...

Of course, I won't abandon Wattpad and I asked him how many time would be my limit behind my laptop and said two hours, IN TWO HOURS I CAN ONLY DO A ONESHOT AND A HALF!! I'LL BE ENDING THIS BY NEXT YEAR! 

Not just him but my family is worried for my well-being too and always say that I should worry more about my future since I'm so close to University!

So, I'm thinking of extremely shortening the oneshots to the scenario of confession and marriage...

I suppose you won't be happy...

Please do tell me your opinion! I'll appreciate it to see my future actions!

Nothing more to say, I'll be leaving the course of this adventure to you Fleet!

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