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"Holy shit-" 

David gasped. Alex pushed me away, he seemed surprisingly calm. My face heated an even darker red, as David stood aghast in the doorway.

"What the fuck!? WHY DIDNT YOU KNOCK!?" I screeched, not knowing what to do. "I knew it!" He cheered, like he won a bet with himself. "David I swear to fucking god-" I started to panic, my heart racing and my blood rushing faster.

I heard my heart beat in my ears, "FUCKING LEAVE ALREADY!" I screamed, making David chuckle. He backed up, closing the door. I slid into a ball, which made Alex sit criss- cross in front of me. "Its fine," Alex laughed, putting a hand to my shoulder.

Just like that, I felt my anxiety get heavier. 

"Off. Off. Off," I started progressively getting louder. "I can't have any touching right now- I, I just need to figure this out-" I said, standing up. I began to pace, cradling my head in my hands. Alex just sat on my bed, watching me freak out.  I rambled to myself, thinking of all the ways this could go wrong.

"Whats the big deal?" Alex asked, finally standing up. I paused, not wanting to admit the true fear of this situation. "You can tell me," He sighed, walking up and putting his large hand to my cheek. Tears pricked in the corners of my eyes, I didn't want to admit it. 

He raised his brows, and just like that, I spilt my guts.

"I don't want this relationship to become public," I tried to explain. Alex seemed a little hurt, and I get why. He began to pull away, but I latched my hand to his wrist. "I mean, I feel like if I admit it, and we both are just out there, that means its real. And when it real, something can go wrong," my mouth became dry.

He smiled, giving me a big kiss on my forehead. "Kalani, why the hell would anything go wrong?" He asked, scruffing my hair. I just stuttered, than began to laugh. "I love you-" I said, pulling him into a large hug. He began to back up, eventually falling onto the bed.

He crawled up to the headboard, and I did the same. We didnt even need the blankets, his warmth kept me feeling like I was in an oven. When our breathing finally matched, I was lulled to sleep.


I woke up feeling Alex leave the bed.

I groaned, looking to my alarm clock. "Alex it is 6 in the fuckin morning," I hissed. He laughed, walking down my stairs.

"Where are you going!?" I asked, propping myself up on my elbow. He smiled before waving goodbye, 




I was honestly just gonna ask this question bc i don't care either way

but do you guys want me to write like smut in this? Idc,  I just didn't want everyone thinking there was a sex scene when there wasn't.....

IDK comment yes or no and yeah <3

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