Chapter 034: The Snowball

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(Above is a Pic of Brynn's outfit & hair for the Snowball)

Brynn stood in front of the bathroom mirror, getting ready for the Snowball at Will's school, while Joyce rambled and messed with her hair.

"My Mom taught me a few hairstyles she used to do on me incase I ever had a baby girl, I guess that finally paid off..." She said. When she was finished, Brynn was very pleasantly surprised. Her hair looked amazing, it was two braids leading into some wavy pigtails.

"It's a little bit out of style, but I think it's pretty," Joyce smiled at the girl in the mirror. Brynn turned around and hugged the woman, and Joyce gladly returned it.

        Brynn was wearing a yellow polka-dot dress with yellow converse, because god forbid she try to walk in heels. She had a small amount of Makeup on and a necklace. She went to Joyce's full length mirror in her room and looked at herself. To the average person, she looked pretty. But to herself, she looked breathtaking, mainly because 90% of her life was spent in a hospital gown.

"Do you like it?" Joyce asked, coming behind her and placing her hands on Brynn's shoulders, looking at the girl in the mirror.

"Absolutely," Brynn responded. She went in the living room and waited for Will to finish getting ready.

       A few minutes later, Will walked into the room. He wad wearing a nice suit and shoes. His eyebrows raised at the sight of Brynn, and he smiled.

"You look... Amazing," He fiddled with his tie.

"So do you," Brynn responded.

"Are we ready to go?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah," Both kids said at the same time. They hopped in the car and drove off, on their way to the dance.

        When they got there, Mike, Max, and Lucas were waiting outside for them. They all greeted each other and went inside, sitting at a table and talking. That is, until Dustin got there. His hair was everywhere, and all Brynn could to was smirk and stare.

"What happened to you?!" Mike asked. Everyone went around Dustin and stood, gazing at his hair.

"What do you mean what happened to me?"

"Your hair? Is there a bird nesting in there or something?" Lucas asked, poking the mass on top of Dustin's head.

"Shut up! There's no bird nesting in your buttholes!" Dustin said. Brynn tried to stifle her laughter. At this moment, she was actually... kind of okay.

         A few minutes later, a slow song came on. Lucas went off Dancing with Max, and Dustin was trying to get a date. Mike sat waiting for Eleven, and Will and Brynn sat with him.

"Hey Zombie Boy, wanna dance?" A girl asked, walking up to Will.

"Uh..." He looked back at Brynn, giving her a glance. She waved her hand, telling him to go. The couple walked off and Brynn was left with Mike.

       Suddenly, Eleven walked in, looking gorgeous. Brynn walked off, giving them some time Alone. She stumbled upon Dustin, sitting on the bleachers, crying. She went and sat beside him.

"Whats wrong?"

"Uh, Nothing, what's wrong with you?"


       There was a very awkward silence.

"Wanna dance?" She asked him. He seemed lonely and sad, so it was the least she could do.

"Sure," He said. They went out on the floor and started dancing. Brynn glanced over at Will, dancing happily with the other girl.

       For the first time, Brynn felt something. A flame in her chest. She'd never felt it before. It kind of freaked her out. Could it be? Love?

       No. Will was her best friend, not the thing the normal kids call a boyfriend. She needed to be happy for him, dancing with the other girl, but somehow, someway... she just couldn't.

       But she didn't let herself spoil the good time, so she stood there, dancing with Dustin. He was actually pretty fun. She just wished it was someone else...

This is the conclusion of Part 2. It was an awesome experience to write this book. Guess what? There's most definitely going to be a second. I think I'm just going to call it ~Brynn~ but I'm not sure. If you have any title Ideas, Private message them to me or comment on this book. Thanks for reading, luv you guys! ❤️❤️

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