Chapter 1

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Music rang through the large corridors of the town hall as the party raged on. Expensive gowns and fancy suits glided across the dance floor to the music.

Laughter filled the room, along with inaudible conversations formed from the many hundreds of city people that had attended.

Jamie Henderson glanced shyly around, in search of someone she knew. She stood in the far corner where very few people were. Her long, blonde hair was pulled up into a high bun, to the point where she thought if she lowered her head, her hair would pop from her skull.

"You need to look professional." She muttered, repeating what her mother had told her with a scoff.

Jamie had been invited to one of the parties by a friend, who was one of the richest residents in this town surprisingly. Her mother, being a single mom and who barely had enough money to buy Jamie the small blue cotton dress she wore to the party, was thrilled by this, and immediately began working on her.

"I wonder, why she was so excited about you coming to the party." Her mother mused, brushing Jamie's hair tightly into her fist.

"I don't know momma, she said that I would find out when I got there." She had groaned as her hair was pulled and tugged.

Her mind raced as she thought up of all the possibilities of what her friend had meant by what she had said. Suddenly, a shout of anger brought Jamie back to the present. She looked at the wine table, where an old man held another by the collar, shaking him backing and forth in a drunken rage. Her hands twitched to pull away the angry old man.

"If I intervene, I'll get hurt." She thought to herself.

She sighed, turned and headed for one of the large corridors of the building. The hallway welcomed her with a cold breeze from the outside. She stared at the still darkness of the rest of the town that had no business with the party inside. She walked out onto the porch of the town hall and welcomed the cold fall breeze as she untied her hair. It fell just above the middle of her back and flew with the wind along with her blue cotton dress.

"What now?" She asked herself as if wanting an answer, looking up at the star filled sky.

"I asked myself the same thing." A voice behind her spoke up.

She turned. Leaning against the wall was a young boy around her age. His wild dark hair swayed in the wind. His eyes were the color of amber and a small smirk played on his thin handsome lips. He walked next to Jamie and placed his elbows on the golden railing.

"So, what brings you to this party?" He asked.

She eyed him before shrugging.

"A good friend gave me an invitation, she seemed pretty desperate too." Jamie explained leaning against the railing along side the boy.

He chuckled.

"Same with me. When I asked her why she was so desperate, she said I'll know when I get there."

"That's weird, my friend said the same thing." Jamie laughed.

They stood there for a minute in silence, staring at the clear night sky.

"What's her name?" Jamie asked suddenly, turning towards the boy.

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