-Niall's POV-

Finally I could look into her lovely eyes, kiss her cherry red lips, tuck her ginger hair behind her ear. It was a relief(a/n: I do not know how to write that word) to see her again. It had been three whole freaking days, for God's sake! All I wanted was to tell her I love her, over and over again. She had to know that, she had to know that I would be there for her, always. She looked so perfect, but so vulnerable too. For some reason, she looked much younger when she cried, much more dependent. I tried to comfort her. I hugged her tight and whispered cute things into her ear.

"I love you," I said once more, kissing her lightly. "I love you so much." She smiled at me. I missed that; I missed her cute, perfect smile.

"Me too, Niall," Laura answered softly. Is it weird that I even missed the way she said my name? "I... I can't believe I ignored you for so long. My life has no meaning without you." I chuckled at that. It sounded so cheesy, but I felt the same way.

"Yeah, okay guys. We all love your cuteness and stuff, but it's been enough, capiche?" a girl's voice, probably Cassie's, interrupted us. We hadn't noticed, but the boys and the girls were watching us. I turned my head to look at Cass, who was smirking. Harry held a red rose toward her, but she completely ignored it for some reason. Didn't she like Harry? At all?

Laura took my hand then, and dragged me over to the rest of the group. "You really shouldn't have been watching. Or interrupted us. Really." She didn't let go of me. I didn't want her to, either. Laura whispered something into Cassie's ear, which made her roll her eyes.

"Fine," she muttered, taking the red rose. Harry looked relieved, smiling slightly. I knew he liked Cass, but hadn't he noticed she didn't like him back much?


We all walked to the living room, Laura still clutching my hand. It seemed that if she let go of me, I'd fade away or something. I planted a kiss on her forehead, which made her loosen her grip a little. She smiled at me.

I finally knew she trusted me, for real and forever.


short chapter, and I'm sorry. Also just a filler but blah. I promised I'd update, so this is what came out! Hope you liked it (:

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