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Your POV:
Today is my big day. I'm super nervous as who wouldn't be on their special day. I'm marrying the guy of my dreams. The one I fell in love with when we were younger. Brooklyn and I started dating when I was 15 and he was 16. Now the two of us are in our late 20's. Brooklyn is now 28 and I'm 27. It was love at first sight.

My hair was getting done by my mum as she's a hairdresser and my make up was being done by my best friend. "I'm nervous." I told them. "Y/N. There is no need to be nervous. You'll go up there say what you need to say. Then say 'I do' and walk back down the Isle married." My friend said which made me laugh. "Ok." I said. They all finished doing my hair and makeup then it was time for me to get into my dress. I had help from the ones in the room so it won't get ruined. "The car is outside and waiting." Y/F/N said as she walked back into the room. I smiled and got helped up.

Brooklyn's POV:
Me and the lads were at the flat getting ready for my big day. I haven't seen Y/N since yesterday afternoon. To be honest I'm nervous. I was standing by the mirror putting my tie on. Rye came over in his suit. "How you feeling?" He asked. "To be honest, really nervous." I told him with a nervous laugh. "Don't be. It will go as planned. Y/N loves you so much and nothing is going to change it." He told me. I smiled and finished doing my tie. The front door opened and in walked Blair. "Let's go boys. The car is waiting." He told us. We all grabbed our blazers and headed outside to the car.

- - - -

My best man I chose was Rye but I would've chose all of them if I could of. We all arrived at the venue with plenty of time to wait for Y/N. Her bridesmaids were there waiting for her to arrive. Me, Rye, Andy, Mikey, Jack, Blair and Ginge all walked in together. Blair and Ginge went over to their seats so me and the others walked down the Isle. The guests stared as we walked down and waited at the end of the Isle for Y/N to arrive.

Your POV:
We all arrived at the venue in time for the ceremony. All the bridesmaids were all ready for us to walk down the Isle. I held onto my dad's arm as the music played and we all began to walk down the isle. Everyone stood up as we made our way over to Brooklyn. He was smiling madly and that made me smile. As we got closer I could see he had tears in his eyes. I got to the end and my dad handed me over to Brooklyn. It all began and everyone was silent.

- - - -

"You may now kiss the bride." The guy said to Brooklyn. We both smiled at each other and then both leaned in to kiss each others lips. Everyone cheer as we pulled away. Brooklyn was smiling so much and so was I. We both walked down the Isle and headed outside were everyone would wave us off before we went to our wedding reception. I'm now Y/N Wyatt. I love it.

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