1. open the door

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I was sitting on my couch looking over social media until I got a text from my best friend David.

David 🌷☁

Hey wanna come over to my house and hang out then go to alex and dom apartment, were gonna shave Jonah!! 😊😁

Y/N 😍💞

Yeah, I'll be over in 15 minutes!

David 🌷☁

Awesome! See you in a little bit 😏

I grabbed my key and walked out of my house walking out to my car. I got in my car and drove to David's house.

I finally got to David's house and knocked on the door. Not even 5 seconds later David opened the door.

"Wow." I said laughing.

"What." David laughed holding his camera up.

"Were you stalking me or something while I was walking up to your doorstep or were you waiting like a dog."

"A mix of both." David laughed.

"Just let me in you weirdo." David moved closer to the door letting me into the house.

David closed the door and we both walked up into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" David asked.

"Making some food, do you want some?" I asked grabbing a loaf of bread and some ham.

"Sure." He said as I continued to put the tomatoes and lettuce on my sandwich.

Once finished our sandwiches I grabbed two paper plates putting the sandwiches on them.

"Here you go." I handed him his plate and we sat down and ate our sandwiches talking about anything that came to our mind.
During our conversation suddenly relationships came up.

"So have been seeing anyone lately?" David took a bite of sandwich.

"No." I grabbed my cup of orange juice taking a sip "have you?"

"No but I guess you could say there's this one girl." David slightly smirked.

"Oh really whats she like?" I tried laughing it off but in reality I was jealous because I wished it was me.

"She's hilarious whenever I see her my whole world light up. She is so beautiful and that smile of hers is something I would love to wake up to every morning. I am just absolutely obsessively in love with her if that makes sense." David smiled.

"Wow she must be the one." I fake smiled. I looked away making sure he didn't see the tear that ran down my cheek.
After a few moments of silence David's phone ringing broke the silence.
"Sorry I've gotta take this, it's Jason." He pickee up the phone.
While he was talking to Jason I got up and threw my plate away and walked around his house. Looking at all the photos of us and our friends made me smile remembering the first time David and I met.

*two years ago*
I was with my friend gabbie who is a viner and invited me to this vine party I didn't know much about. We were all partying and having an awesome time.
"Hey I'm gonna go get another drink." I said to gabbie and walked over to the bar.
Once I got there I sat down on the bar stool and asked for another beer.
While waiting a guy that looked extremely drunk came over to me.

"Hey pretty lady!" He said looking up and down at me.

"Hello." I smiled and looked back at the bartender.

"Why don't we go to my place and have a fun time." He smirked rubbing my leg.

"No thanks." I pushed his hand away.

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