Excuse Me

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If the outside of the mansion was amazing, the inside of the mansion was breathtaking! Lena was an educated young lady but even so... She can't help but ogle over every furniture and decoration in her way. It was rather embarrassing when the brunette maid had to clear her throat to prevent the young lady from getting sidetrack from their destination.

What caught her attention the most wat that there were no portraits in the mansion. Yes, obviously in such a huge mansions there would be paintings. Very expensive paintings. The only off thing is all of the paintings were scenery paintings.

Probably the reason why the mansion felt less like a home than it should be.

As they are walking through the long gallery, Lena looks in front of her. There is a reserved room strangely separated from the other rooms in the mansion. If you wanted to go to the room, you must walk pass through the long gallery. The lady Luthor recalled the two guards guarding the entrance to the long gallery earlier.

Lena wondered... What is so special about the room that it needed to be separated completely out of reach from the other rooms?

When they reached the door of the reserved room, the brunette maid pushed the door slightly open, making sure there was just enough space for the young miss Luthor to get into the room.

The brunette maid bowed her head and stood on the side of the door. Meaning, she was only escorting the young lady until there.

Lena gulped before she pushed her shoulder back, chin slightly up and placed her poker face on. Looking graceful like a well educated lady since well... That is who she is.

When the young lady stepped in to the room, the first thing she saw was three bookcases arranged neatly besides each other. She took a few more steps into the room. These was a desk. Behind the desk was a huge window, Lena assumed this is her future husband's office. No. Earlier, they had walked pass a larger office so, this must be a private office and the other one was a formal office.

Lena turned her head to the left side of the room, her eyes widen a little. There was a bed, carefully placed right in the middle of the room. There was also other bedroom furniture there, like a bedside table, a wardrobe and chairs.

So this is a private office as well as a master bedroom? Hmmm... this is rather odd and unusual.

The young lady slowly walked toward the desk. She could see a letter with her name on it, on the desk.

Dear miss Lena Luthor,

I'm sorry I'm not there to welcome you and discuss this matter with you by myself but an urgent business crisis is needing my present in Birmingham. As you may know, I want you to be my wife.
     I know you would be wondering why on earth would I want you to be my wife when we haven't even met... but you're wrong, miss Luthor. We did met once. I don't think you would remember it tho...
    You see, while I was wondering at the city of London. I bump into this young and beautiful lady. Her eyes are filled with intelligent and in the name of Lord, when she smiled... I was struck by lightning.
        That lady was you, miss Luthor.

Lena stopped reading the letter. She could feel her face burning up. She did not expect a love confession. She was expecting an explanation but this was far from what she had in mind. The young lady took a few minutes to calm her heart down. Once her heart was calm enough, she took a deep breath and continued reading the letter.

As my valet already told you, you don't need to accept the offer if you don't want to. I will understand your choice, miss Luthor. I am more than willing to help you start a new life if that is what you want. Whatever your decision is, whatever your desire is, I shall fulfill it. Just say it. You may tell my valet your decision. Take as much time as you need. I know marriage is a huge deal for both of us but I know what I want. That is you.

Awaiting your answer,

The Phantom. (K.D.)

Slowly, Lena carefully folded the letter and put it back on the desk. The young lady was rather confused by how willing and determined  The Phantom was to give her whatever she want... To understand whatever her decision was.

Lena put both of her hands on her face, cupping her own cheeks. They are still burning red, she can feel it.


Is that his real name? Kyle? Killian? Kevin? What could it be?

Lena stared at the letter in front of her.

"So mysterious..."

The lady said to...well, no one particularly. She got a feeling with The Phantom, life would be more adventurous... The mysteries surrounding The Phantom attracted her attention. Then, her decision was made.

She will marry The Phantom.

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