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; morning

I was woken up by nothing. I guess it's time to wake up already. I sat up and stretched. I looked at the clock as it read "11:23am". I freshen up and did my stuff as I went downstairs. The house was empty, except for Sumo being there of course. He was still sleeping at the sofa.

I went to the kitchen and there's a breakfast meal prepared on the table. Bacon and eggs, together with a small paper beside it. I grabbed the paper and read it.


Me and Connor are going home earlier than the usual time. Please take care of the home and Sumo. Connor made the bacon and eggs for you and he wanted to let you know that he loves you. Couples these days...


I just rolled my eyes and threw the paper away. Before I ate my breakfast, I decided to ring Audrey on how she is doing. I hope she's doing alright. I grabbed my phone and pressed the call button on Audrey's contact.

The phone started ringing Audrey, just a few second later, she answered. "Hello?" She spoke.

"Hey Audrey! How are you doing? Are you okay now?" I asked.

"Yep, I'm leaving the hospital in a few hours now." Audrey replied. "Thanks for helping me though. I owe you." Audrey said calmly.

"No problem, i'd help you anytime b! Plus, it was a life and death situation, so I had to act fast." I replied. "Oh and by the way, where are your parents when this happened?" I asked.

"Night out, probably dating." She replied.

"Well alright, since the police claimed that it was Misery who broke into your house, do you have any information?" I asked her. "Connor and Dad are investigating Misery's case, so if there's something that might help, please tell me." I explained.

"Nothing out of the ordinary. They just threatened me. They used me to lure you there but it's a good thing that you didn't go there." Audrey replied. "After I called you, they knocked me out using their gun."

"Alright. Please tell me if you found or remember any information about Misery." I exclaimed.

"Okay, see you soon." Audrey said and hung up the phone.

I ate the breakfast food as I stood up to go to the living room to watch some Netflix. I pressed (Netflix/Series). The intro of (N/S) began, just as the doorbell rang. Who could that be?

I stood up to open the door and met the face of Luke. What is he doing here? I thought we had work today? "Oh hey it's you, I thought there's work today?" I asked curiously.

Luke raised his eyebrow. "Um what?" He replied. "Today is Saturday, it's our day-off." Luke explained.

"Wait really?" I asked. I looked at my phone and checked the date and day today. "Ohhh... It is. Come on in!" I said and opened the door widely so that he can come in. As he got in, I closed the door and went back to the sofa. "Please make yourself at home!" I exclaimed and continued playing (N/S). "Why'd you think of going here today?" I asked.

He sat down beside me. "I got nothing to do today, other than play a bunch of video games. It was pretty boring to be honest." Luke replied, looking onto his phone.

"You think it would be less boring if you go here? It's practically the same." I replied, eye glued to the tv.

"Maybe?" He replied and looked up from his phone. "Besides, how about we do something fun today?" Luke suggested.

"Like what? To the mall or some shit?" I asked sarcastically.

"How about Music Festival? I got a spare ticket." He exclaimed and pulled out two tickets for the music festival that's happening in the afternoon.

"But Dad said I gotta watch the house." I said.

"Oh okay, if you don't wanna go, it's alright. I'm not bugging you to go." Luke replied.

"I guess it's alright." I exclaimed. That's what SHE said. I grabbed the remote and stopped the Netflix. "I'll go prepare and shit. You, stay there!" I said and stood up to go upstairs.

After I prepared, I grabbed my small bag for some emergency things. Alright, I'll start with powerbank and cable, check. Pepper spray, if creeps tryna fight me, check. Lip balm, to keep my lips soft, check. Sunblock, to not get burned, check. And last but not the least, my wallet, check. I'm holding my phone, in case you're wondering where it is.

Before I proceeded downstairs, I fed (F/N) and when I went downstairs, I fed Sumo. I patted him on his head, "Be a good boy Sumo." I exclaimed and stood up.

"Let's go?" Luke asked.

"Mhm." I replied. I felt my phone vibrate from my hands. I looked at my phone and received a message from an unknown number.

Unknown: I'm coming for you, princess.

I don't know how I feel about this letter, but it made me uncomfortable and it bothered me. Sure, this might be a prank, or this might be true. Who knows?

I'm sure Luke had read my expression. "(Y/N)? Is something wrong?" Luke asked with a worried tone in his voice.

"Nothing, let's go." I said as we both went outside and I locked the door from outside.


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