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i stop in my tracks. my heart thumping like i just ran in the olympics. i'll just pretend that i can't hear him. maybe, just maybe, he'll give up. i start walking again, but this time, my feet were moving ahead of my body.

i keep walking fast, almost at the door, when, unluckily, i tripped over my own feet. i hit the floor with a loud thud, landing on my arm, causing me to cry out in pain.

jesus, tyler, you just had to mess it up didn't you.

i feel someone lifting me up off the ground, probably mr dun, and with that, i scream as loud as i can. "p-put me down!" i cry, struggling to get out of his grip.

"hey, hey, hey." he cooes, which strangely makes me calm down slightly. "i'm just trying to help you, ya know" he says. i whimper slightly, but relax into the man's grip.

i might as well give up now.

he sits against the edge of the table, me in his lap. i turn around to face him and bury my face into his chest. i don't care that he know anymore, i just want to be at peace.

i sit there for a while, breathing in his cinnamon cologne, letting out sniffles and whimpers every few minutes. after about half of an hour, he pulls me away from his chest, standing me up and leading me to his office.

he walks through the office door, sitting behind his desk and motioning for me to sit on the couch. i obey, sitting on the comfortable couch silently.

"so, can you please tell me about yesterday?" he asks, his eyebrow raised.

"c-can y-you just r-research it?" i whimper, looking down at my shaking palms.

"oh, i know what you are.." he smirks "but i want to know what your stuffie is called" he laughs, pointing to my backpack which is still rested on my back.

what he says makes me grin. no one has ever known the name of my stuffie, well except for kellin and brendon, of course, but they don't care much about mister bear.

"mistew b-beaw" i say quietly, quickly falling into the colorful depths of little space.

"what a lovely name for such a pretty bear!" he grins at me. "i would like to formally meet him soon if i can." my eyes light up in excitement.

"i's gots him wit me now!" i exclaim.

"oooh. can i meet him?" he smiles genuinely.

"yuppies!" i reply, pulling my bag from behind my back and pulling out mister bear, toddling to the desk ad passing him my best friend.

"be caweful coz he speciaw" i giggle, heading back to my seat.

i watch as he inspects the bear closely, whispering something into his ear. maybe he actually doesn't care that i'm little. what if he doesn't care that i'm weird.

don't be stupid, tyler. of course he thinks your weird.

"shut up, meanie" i whisper to my thoughts.

"sir?" i call to mr dun.

"yeah, tyler?" he replies, a huge grin on his face.

"be mah fwend?" i ask, giving him puppy dog eyes.

he cooes at me and then replies; "of course i'll be your friend!"

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