Chapter 5

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Mia's POV

After the boys and I ate some super delicious McDonald's (Michael chose it) we all decided we were bored and went into the game room that Calum and I had set up before.

"What do you guys and girl want to do?" Michael asked while looking through their video game cabinet.

"How about instead of playing videogames, we play 20 questions on Mia?" Ashton suggested.

"Okay." The rest of us said in unison.

"I'll go first." Luke said thinking of a question. Oh my god he is so cute! I have got to stop staring at him, he'll think I'm creepy.

Luke's POV

"I'll go first." I said. While I was thinking of a question, I noticed Mia staring at me. She's so cute.

"Um...full name?"

"Mia Anne Evans." She said. Wow even her name is beautiful. Why am I so weird?

"Birthday?" Calum asked

"July 17th, 1996." She said and the guys started looking at me.

"Am I missing something? Why is everyone staring at Luke?" She asked sounding lost.

"That's the day after my birthday." I said.

"Oh cool! Looks like we've got something in common." Mia said smiling. Oh there's that smile again.

"Favorite animal and why?" Michael said.

"Um...probably either penguins or pandas because... well I actually don't know why but when I was younger I had a lot of stuffed animals. They were mostly those two animals so I guess I've just always liked them." Mia said. We have so much in common.

After many questions we are now on the last one, it's my turn.

"Okay, favorite song?" I asked. I really do wonder what kind of music she's into.

"Um... wow I don't know. I like a lot of songs but it's a tie between Blink 182 I miss you and Hunter Hayes Wanted. I know its weird that I like a band like Blink and then country music, but I do." Mia said.

"You like Blink?" I asked kind of shocked. I thought she seemed pretty girly, like she would like One Direction or something.

"Yea, a lot actually." She said.

"We actually did a cover of I miss you a while ago." Calum said

"Cool I'll have to hear it sometime, but I gotta go home now my mom said she and my dad should be getting back from their trip tonight. They've been away in New York for a while so I'm kinda glad they'll be back." Mia said.

"It's already past eleven o'clock, they're out this late?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah, I told them to just come home tomorrow but they don't trust me so they're coming home tonight. In an hour to be exact." Mia said looking at her phone.

"Bye guys, and if you need anything, you know where I live." Mia said. "And just in case here take this." She said handing me a piece of paper with her number on it.

"Bye!" We all said quite loudly in unison. And with that she was gone. At least I have her number.

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