{9} hehe what youv all been waiting for

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     Y/n POV

The bottle. It Landed. On Noah.
I try not to look at Noah but I can't help it. I think I love Him. I know I probably shouldn't say that since he probably doesn't like me. But I really really think I love him.
Me and noah get up and go to the closet and stay quiet for a about two minutes.
"So.." he looks up. "How's it being famous?" I ask "eh it's alright" he says with a smirk. We then both start laughing. Then we stare into each other's eyes for a minute.
Noah's POV
I looked at y/n's eyes then quickly down at her lips, then back at her eyes. I start to lean in and kiss her. She does the same. I smash my lips in to hers. We start to move our lips in sync. She grabs the cloler of my shirt and slams me into the wall. That's when I knew it was no longer and kiss it was a makeout session. My first kiss was a makeout session.
Taylor's POV
We were all talking until we heard something bang on the wall of the closet. We look at each other and smirk. Finn goes up and opens the door and shuts it again. He turns around with wide eyes and his mouth wide open. We all give him a weird look and he just walks out of the room we all chance him and once he tells us what happened we all sit there in shock except for Caleb. Caleb just sits there and looks proud.
Me and Noah were kissing, well a little more than kissing, until we heard the door open. We pull away and just blush. We hear them all rush downstairs. We sit in Finns room until Caleb comes back up and says "just use protection" then we hear a bunch of laughs and me and Noah just roll our eyes. We walk down and see everyone sitting there deciding where to sleep.
Room order
Caleb and Finn in the guest room
Taylor and Kendall in the living room
Me and Noah in his room

Noah said I could sleep on the floor and he would be in his bed. Me and Kendall went up to change in the bathroom as Taylor changed earlier. Kendall and I arrive in the bathroom and she gives me those damn wiggling eyebrows. I roll my eyes and take off my shirt. I'm I don't care to change in front of Kendall and Taylor because they are my wives. (If u don't call your bff wifey then u aren't bffs)
We talk and then she asked "what did you and Noah reeeallyy do?" "Nothing we just made out and couple times" she mocks me and says "we just made out a couple times" I smirk at that reference and we walk out.
Your pajamas:

 We all walk to our rooms and say goodnight to everyone

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We all walk to our rooms and say goodnight to everyone.

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