29- The guests

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A couple months have gone by since Sadie was told that she would finally be meeting Antonio's parents. She was getting pretty nervous as they were to arrive later in the evening. She ran around the house making sure the house was perfectly clean, and making sure that there was no speck of dust to be found anywhere.

Antonio hired contractors to build a guest house towards the edge of his property. It recently had been finished, he also had it fully furnished. The girls were with Antonio in the guest house making sure everything was cleaned up, looking perfect.

"Daddy can we go play now, this is boring." Isabella whined.

"Why don't you girls go play over on the play gym, Sadie's in the house making sure that it's all cleaned up inside."

"You mean, momma." Gabriella says, giving him a strange look.

"I'm sorry, yes momma." he smiled, patting the top of her head "We are done in here anyways, you can go on and play."

Later in the evening Sadie was giving the girls a bath when she heard the doorbell "You're grandparents must be here." she says to the girls, sighing. Dreading about meeting them, after hearing Antonio and Ethan speak about them, she was worried about how they would act around her. Ethan also pulled her to the side, warning her about Antonio's mother.

"Are we done taking a bath?" Isabella asks, standing up.

Sadie let the water out of the tub, and grabbed a couple towels "Yes, let's get you both dried off and into your pajamas. Then you can go visit with your grandparents."

Antonio let his parents inside, giving them both hugs "Sorry about Harlow, wish we could have been here for you during that sorrow time.." Antonio's mom says, while giving him a hug.

"Thanks mom, please don't bring that up anymore." he sighed.

She looked at him disappointed "Well OK, if you say so. I just feel bad that we weren't here for you."

"It is what it is, you can't change the past." he says, looking at his dad "How long do you plan on being in town for?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"We haven't decided yet." his dad says "Where shall we put our bags?"

"I will be putting you in the guest house, out back." he says, smiling from the inside.

"Guest house?" asked his mom, looking surprised.

"I recently had it built, you'll love it." he smirked after seeing the look on her face.

His mom curiously looked at him with an unsure look, her look immediately changed when she heard the girls running down the stairs. She quickly turned to them reaching her arms out for them to come give her a hug "Oh my, it's been a while since we last saw you girls, you're getting so big and tall."

"We're five now, grandma." Gabriella says with a big smile.

"I know." she says smiling, pinching their cheeks.

His mom stood back up and looked around the place "The house looks great, I see you have done some redecorating, you must have hired a better decorator around here."

"Actually no, this was all Sadie's doing." Antonio says, sounding frustrated with her.

"Sadie?" she questioned, looking confused.

Antonio looked at the girls, rubbing the back of his head "Where is she anyways."

"She's cleaning up from our bath." Isabella says, holding her grandma's hand.

Antonio looked back at his mom "I told you about her a while back, remember?"

Her eyebrows raised, wondering what he was up to now, hoping that it wasn't what she was thinking that it was "Oh the nanny? Why would she be decorating your home?"

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