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I used their stage names for this one shot so sorry if you would have rather me used their real names, I will next time.


Suho's eyes quickly scanned around the airport. He stood on his tip toes to try and see over the taller people in front of him but he still couldn't see the familiar face he was searching for. Lay was coming back from China today and Suho could barely contain his excitement. They'd been apart for so long now and Suho missed him a lot.

Deciding he wasn't going to be able to see due to the tall people in front of him, he started to move in a different direction. He found a space with barely any people around it but he soon realised that you couldn't see the people leaving the airplane at all from his space.

Suho almost gave up on trying to find Lay in the crowded area but he decided to try and push to the front once more. He was immediately pushed back and he sighed in defeat before staying in the quiet area where you couldn't see.

His eyes dropped to the floor as he sadly realised he couldn't find his boyfriend in the crowd of people. One by one, people started to leave the airport and Suho could start to see more people leaving but the people getting off the airplane eventually stopped and there was nobody left to leave.

When Suho looked around, and still couldn't see Lay anywhere, he felt a pang of sadness. Especially when he saw a couple hugging after they'd clearly just been reunited. "Lay, where are you?" Suho whispered with a sigh before dropping his head to the floor again.

As he stared at the white tiles below him he couldn't help but feel like he was failing at being a good boyfriend. A small part of him told him that he was just being dramatic but an even bigger part of him told him that if he was a good boyfriend then he would have noticed Lay straight away.

He started to dawdle in the direction of the exit, deciding to just wait outside, until he heard shouting behind him.

"Suho!" A familiar voice called and Suho stopped in his tracks. His eyes went wide before he whirled around to see Lay rushing up to him, a smile spreading across the cute face that Suho had missed way too much.

"Lay!" Suho gasped before the younger boy crashed into him, tightly hugging him but almost causing them both to fall over. Luckily Suho managed to steady their balance.

"Suho, I missed you so much!" Lay mumbled with his face pressed against Suho's chest before he looked up at him and smiled softly.

"I missed you too, baby," Suho smiled back before kissing him on the forehead. To Suho's surprise, Lay only frowned in response.

"You just missed horribly," he stated, confusing Suho, before he softly kissed the elder on the lips.

Suho started to chuckle in response as he finally understood what Lay meant, "I'm sorry, I'll kiss your lips in future."

"Well I like forehead kisses too..." Lay quickly protested before yawning. Suho realised it was almost 3am and Lay must have been tired after his flight.

"I know you do," Suho said before detaching himself from Lay's embrace and taking one of his hand in his own, "come on, let's go home."

"Are Baekhyun and Chanyeol going to bombard me with questions about China again like they did last time?" Lay questioned with a sigh, thinking back to the memory.

"God, I hope not. They're probably asleep," Suho assured his tired boyfriend, "and even if they aren't, I'll tell them to leave you alone."

"You're such a sweet boyfriend," Lay said with a tired grin.

"Thank you," Suho beamed, feeling a hint of relief that Lay had assured him he wasn't a bad boyfriend like he had previously been thinking.

"You're-" Lay stopped talking to yawn, covering his mouth with his sweater paws, "welcome."

"You're so cute," Suho chuckled.

"Am not."

"Pfft, yes you are."


Sorry if updates are slow, my laptop has a virus so I have to write on my phone which I don't particularly like but I'll try to put up with it. Same goes for updates with my Hunhan story and BTS one shots.

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