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WARNING: IT'S HELLA LONG, SERIOUS, AND MAY BE TRIGGERING. Ehm and maybe I'll drop a curse/swear there and here so please, brace yourselves. I WARNED YOU!

Even though Chara was sure that there's no manly way to drink a milkshake, Alex broke this stigma while thinking of an opening question to his infinite list of questions.

-First of all... Is everything written in the mythology and history books true? I mean that there was a war, and that humans sealed monsters underground with a magical spell that to this day prevents them from going back to the surface?-

He eventually asked.

-Yep. I don't know how much information those books hold, but what you said is true.-

Chara answered.

-Mhm. Is the Underground a big place?-

-I'm not so sure... It consists of five cities and a lot of uninhibited places, like the forests around here, caves, lakes... Although there are some monsters inhibiting the water... I guess a size of a big city. Very big city...-

-Big like Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem, or... Like a full state in America?-

-I don't know, I was never perfect in geography! I don't see the difference in sizes between those!-

Chara acknowledged that she dumps this topic by getting up, warning that she's going to buy some fries. She came back with a large portion of those with a lot of ketchup.

-Alright, now ask something that doesn't involve geography.-

She said, chewing a fry.

-Fine. If you are ready to talk seriously, so am I.-

Alex silenced to take a fry, before finally asking:

-How did you fall down?-

Chara stopped eating and lifted her gaze.

-I slipped on a vine. It was late, dark...-

-What were you doing there late and in the dark?-

Damn it. Chara knew she shouldn't have mentioned that it was late.

-I... Was... Oh well, it won't make anything worse if I share it with you. I was running away from... My... Human family. I don't like talking about it... But, since you are as human as I am, I can share the experience.-

She inhaled and took a sip of her milkshake before starting:

-As you see, my eyes are red. I am the only unfortunate in my biological family to have them, and instead of thinking that my eyes may be sore or that I have a genetic mutation, they thoughts I'm possessed! After that came exorcisms, churches, priests... You have no idea what have they done to me... I'd rather burn a church than enter it ever again!-

Chara jumped on the last sentence and Alex sunk under the table.

-Do you listen to Black Metal by chance?-

He asked, slowly lifting himself back on the chair as Chara, who didn't understand the point of the question, calmed down. She breathed quickly and deeply before swallowing more of her milkshake and continuing:

-If that isn't enough... I grew up with eight siblings...-

Alex almost spat all the milkshake he sipped, but instead, some of it leaked from his nose.

-Eight siblings? Jeez, I barely managed to survive with Cameron! I salute you!-

He coughed out, wiping his nose.

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