A/N IMPORTANT but *Spoilers*

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((Before chapter 11))

Hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't updated and that I disappeared with no word. I lose motivation and wait a while and disapprove with the work I started. Now, Jesus, I started writing this when the show was at S3 and now its SIXTH SEASON came out (somewhat recently) I love voltron with all of my heart but I'm just... I didn't keep up with the seasons and osnsjslss ITS SO OFF AND ILL HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO CORRECT LIKE HEHAKA. Of course I knew that Shiro was a clone. But. I DIDNT THINK HE COMPLETELY FUCKING DIIIIIED. IM JUST INCREDIBLY SHOOKITH. AND NOW LIKE I HAVENT EVEN INTRODUCED LOTOR AND HES ALREADY BOOTED LIKE WHAT HOW WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? HOW DO I MAKE IT ACCURATE TO THE SHOW AGAIN WITHOUT FUCKING THE STORY??? Also I just realized that I left you guys on a huge cliffhanger and then left.... yeahhhh sorrryyy. As I said before, I start writing something and then I'm just like disgusted, at how shitty it is. And tbh I kinda fucked up this story a bit, I went off on my own thing and it's kinda my fault for making it so off that it's so difficult to put it back on track with the show. THIS ISNT ME GIVING UP!!!! IM NOT ABANDONING THIS STORY AS I HAVE WITH OTHERS!!!! You guys are close to having me at 13K reads with this book. THIRTEEN THOUSAND!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! YOU GUYS (most of you 😬) ARE SO NICE AND ACCEPTING AND UNDERSTANDING, I know you all get antsy to read more but 99.99% of you are so damn polite and kind and just AMAZING! I CANT GET OVER IT! But of course I won't abandon this book, it may take a while to get through it and to get back on track with the show and include as much as possible without changing directions in the book and to actually come out with more and more chapters, but I plan to try. I plan to not give up on this story! I might need help at times though..... MEANING: after chapters, comment theories about what you think is gonna happen next, I love seeing you guys create you own solutions to things I've created, PLUS it give me ideas, meaning, more ideas, more chapters! So please please help me out! I love you guys so so so so sooooo much! And I want to do this together because, as cheesy and cliche as this sounds, I can't and wouldn't be able to do this without you! ILYY 😍💖😘🤗😁😋🤝👫👭((not including the two boys because ima girl 🤷‍♀️))

P.S. My writing style may have changed a bit due to reading an amazing fan fiction.. which is a Detroit Become Human fan fiction of Connor(RK800)xreader and uh yeah it is BEAUTIFUL  AND PERFECT. So yeah,style might have changed a bit,might change it back,might not, just a ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ tho. ((I'm thirsty for that perfect caution emoji line up so that's why spaces are nonexistent in places they should be but aren't required))

P.S.S. https://archiveofourown.org/works/14851244/chapters/34379699
^link for that Connor x Reader I was talking about if there's any dbh fans of Connor who read this. Wait uh it won't link because of wattpad..... how do I link? Is it not possible to link? OK I POSTED IT ON MY message board? I think that's what it's called. Anyway, GO CHECK IT OUT, THE AUTHOR IS AN AMAZING AUTHOR AND SUCH A GREAT PERSON, GO CHECK IT OUT!

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