chapter 8- Confusion

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#Kai pov#

I knew it! Yesterday evening Shean came to my office and told me that he accept this deal. I know I am evil but hey, do you think of any other way to make him accept this deal. When I told my dad he was incredibly happy because of course he didn't know the method and he didn't bother to ask so I guess no harm done.

Today I asked Shean to come to my office in the morning. OK I didn't asked him I ordered him. Few minutes after he came at designated time. While I completed my work he waited silently. Once I was finished I stand up from my chair and gestured him to follow me.

"Are you going somewhere Mr Williams?" He asked noticing me making my way outside the office.

"Not me but we are. And from now on call me Kai. You are going to be my husband after all." I replied going toward my car.

" Where are we going Mr- Kai?" He asked curiously. We hopped in my car and he was looking at me waiting for my reply.

"We are going to hospital to meet your dad." I replied starting the engine.

"What? We can't go there. Why do you want to go there?" He asked both shocked and confused.

"Don't tell me you decided to marry me without telling him?" I questioned but without waiting for reply I continued "We are going to meet him and tell him that we love each other and we have decided to get married and so we came to him to get blessings and all. And one more thing whenever we are in public we are going to behave like a happy couple. Do you want to ask anything else?" I told him plan. He remained silent for a while trying to make sense out of everything I have told him and then he asked,
"But what story are we going to tell?" I smirked at him and said "This one."

We both get out of car once we reached hospital. I hold his hand and he looked taken aback for a while and returned back to normal when I reminded him that we are in public place now. Once we reached his fathers room I circled my arm around his waist. Is he really a man? How come he is so slim?

When I saw his father lying on the bed I don't know why but I felt an urge to protect him. Maybe because I have always respected him and seeing him like this makes me feel the pain. I want to do something for him. After exchange of gestures I understand why my dad wants to help him so badly. He is really a good person. I am a businesses man, I could tell with just that. Now I don't regret my decision to marry Shean if that is for this man.

We informed his father about the marriage. I accepted him to go wild and do something but he listened calmly to everything and said understandingly "If its your happiness Shean then I am happy for you." He said addressing Shean. Then he turned towards me and said "You are good young man Kai. Please take a good care of my sweetheart." Some how his words make me feel guilty. I just smiled and said "I will." We talk some more until his father asked this question,

"But how did it all started?"

Curiosity kills a cat.

Shean and I exchange looks. For an other person it seems like a loving look at each other. Then Shean smiled and said looking toward his hand in his lap "Actually it started around time when we admit you in the hospital. Once I forgot my wallet and he helped me out for taxi. That was when we exchange contacts. Second he saved me from some burglar. And we just then went on until two days ago he proposed me out of the blue." Shean answered. He didn't shutter and try not to  look nervous but something about him tell that he was lying. I don't think his father is going to trust him. He is a bad liar, everyone can see that. His father was silent for while but then smiled anyway. I let out a sigh and at the same moment someone entered.





All the voice echoed at once in the room. We all looked at each other and went silent for a while before my dad decided to break it.

"Nick he is my son Kai. But kai what are you doing here?" My dad asked me shocked.

"I am here to meet him. Did you know him already?"I questioned him confused?

Yes yes you are right. This is all part of my plan. And yes both dad and me are acting.

"He is my best friend Nicolas. But still why are you here?" He asked looking confused. Yup he is good actor.

"So you are my dads friend he was talking about. You were very nice the other day. And You are also Kai's father?" Shean spoke suddenly.

"Oh, you are the boy from that day. You are Nick's son! And you know my son."My dad said shocked.

"Dad he is Shean I told you about." I told him.

"What he is Shean?" my dad asked shocked.

"What is going on here? Could anyone explain to me? And Kai is your son?" Asked Mr Fleming all of sudden. We all went silent again just looking at each other.

Dad spoke finally " OK so correct me if I am wrong. Nick here is my best friend and Shean is his son and Shean is also the one my son Kai loves and had decided to marry. It means our sons are marrying each other!!" Dad exclaimed happily at end. "Small world huh?" He added.

After we cleared the air or pretended to do so me and Shean left leaving our dads to talking. Wow that went quiet well. His father didn't suspect anything and neither did Shean. We all call it coincidence.

And yes ladies and gentleman best acting award goes to Kai Williams and his father. I think I would have made a good career as a actor too. I know I am talented.


Here goes chapter 8. I did it,I update it today. hope you guys enjoy. I will update other chapters soon till then,



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