Chapter 3

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The note wasn't like anything she would normally leave. "I have something important to take care of. I should be back in a couple of days. Please do not worry." There was no location or specifics on what she would be doing. This worried Liam more than usual. Just as he had read the note, Nikki had come into the kitchen. The look on his face said it all. Liam just looked straight at her.

"It's OK. Whatever she had to do, I can guarantee you that she'll be fine." She took the note from his hands and put it on the table. She brought him close and hugged him. "I know you're close with your mother but you have to trust her." That's when Liam realized that he could maybe find out what she is doing by looking up in the attic. He pried himself away from Nikki's light grasp and hurried up the stairs.

He stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked up to try to find out how she opened it. There was no noticeable button or pull string. As Nikki came up to see what he was up to, she saw that he was frantically searching for something. She had to stand in his way to get his attention. "What are you doing?" She held on to him so he couldn't get away.

"I saw my mother up there yesterday and I think she is hiding something." Liam pointed up at the ceiling with a puzzled look. His friend saw his face and knew there was truth to what he was trying to tell her. She nodded and helped him search. They searched through each room including Liam's but they found nothing that stood out. It wasn't until Nikki walked back into the room of Liam's mother that she noticed a remote on the dresser. She recognized it as a garage door opener. However, she knew they didn't have a garage. Without saying anything, she took the remote and pressed the button. Both heard a latch open and headed back out to the hallway. The ladder was slowly descending. Liam looked at Nikki and she waved the remote at him. Liam was the first to head up. It was so dark that he could barely see anything. He looked around for any light source.

As his eyes adjusted, he saw a short string attached to what he could make out as a small desk lamp. He pulled the string and the whole attic lit up bright. The space u[p there may have been small, but it was enough to store what you didn't need. Although small, there was enough room to crawl up in and do whatever you needed to do minus the comfort. Liam crawled up and looked through some boxes he saw sitting in the back. Aside from a few photo albums that, he knew contained some embarrassing baby photos, there were a couple odd looking books and some scrolls. "Look out below!" Liam maneuvered himself around the boxes and pushed them down the hole. Nikki didn't have to move but she still jumped at the loud bang the boxes made as they hit the floor.

"Sorry if I scared you" Liam was now climbing down the ladder. Two boxes sat there waiting to be looked through and the two were happy to oblige. Both took a box and carefully made their way downstairs. Liam then lit a fire in the fireplace. They sat down in front of the fire and inspected the goodies that filled the boxes. First, they pulled out the photo albums. They knew they wouldn't find anything in them so they were immediately tossed to the side. Although they were friends, Nikki knew that this wasn't the time for embarrassment and laughter. It wasn't until Liam had pulled out a large blue book with gold bindings that they knew they had finally found something. On the front, was the Triforce with depictions of each Goddess holding their own piece? Liam opened the book to a random page and saw that the pages were blank. "What in the underworld is going on?"

Nikki heard him and looked at the book herself. "What is the point of having a book this extravagant if you don't intend to use it?" She took the book, closed it and looked at every nook and cranny to see it there was a secret. She then noticed strange lettering on the back. "Can you read this?" She handed the book back to Liam expecting him to know what it said right away.

"You do know that I'm not as smart as you right?" Liam shook his head and looked at the book anyway. To his surprise, he could read it quite clearly "It says, Only the One Who Is Destined to Protect Shall See the Secrets That Are written within." There's more "To Prove Your Lineage, the Protector Shall Place His Hand on the Front and only after the Mark Is Shown Shall the Hero Have His Destiny Revealed." Both Liam and Nikki stared at each other. Liam just shrugged and turned the book over and placed his hand on the Triforce symbol. "Nothing" It was then that a bright light began to shine on the cover, which then shown through Liam's hand. The same symbol began to appear and the lower right piece began to shine brighter while the others dimmed. After the light from his hand had disappeared, the pages then began to glow. Liam took his hand from the cover and opened the book. Neither Liam nor Nikki could believe their eyes. Inside were pictures but they were moving. It depicted a battle between an older version of Liam and a blurry figure. They were both stunned at not only the magical book and moving pictures but also the fact that Liam's supposed destiny was to face an unknown force.

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