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Alex and I decided to get a coffee. Just as we were getting onto the topic of the tapes, Clay walked in and sat on the table with us. "How many expressos are in those?" He asked nodding his head to our cups.

"A lot"

"Not enough"

We responded, me being the latter response. "I just started drinking coffee. I'm not sure its such a good idea. I get anxiety" He told us. I gabbed his hand and when Alex agreed with him I grabbed his as well laughing slightly. Clay pulled his hand away from mine turning to Alex "So, did you do it? I mean, did you put Hannah, Jessica and Natasha on that list?" If you were wondering, yes, I was on the list for best body overall. Monty was not happy, he tried to start a fist fight with Alex over it thinking he wrote my name down, but of course I intervened before he could.

"You didn't know that? But you saw it" Alex looked shocked and confused by Clays question.

"Yeah but I didn't like, trace the handwriting. I didn't even think it was that big of a deal" Clay lead forward slightly "Do you think she was right? Does everything that happened to her go back to you and that list?"

"Well, I think it all started the night of Jessica's party" Alex answered.

"What did she say about Jessica's party? Does she mention me there?" Clay pressed on.

"Where are you on the tapes?" I chimed in.

"Almost through Alex's"

"Holy shit, clay. I listened to them all in one night the first time" Alex told the boy.

"You listened to them more than once?"

"I listened to them twice, thought maybe I dreamed them. Wait, so you haven't heard your own tape?" Alex asked.

Clay shook his head "No. I can only listen to bits and pieces or I... I freak out. I feel a panic attack coming on"

"Aren't you desperate to hear yours though?" I asked leaning forward slightly.

"Im afraid to"

"Well, you should be" Alex responded.

"I don't get it, it was just a list. A stupid high school thing"

"That fucking list. I wish I never touched that fucking list" Alex sighed rubbing his head.

"Why did you?" I asked, intrigued as to how this list came about.

"I don't know. Bryce started it. All the guys were working on it at lunch."

"Do you know who wrote my name down?"

"Bryce" I sucked in a breathe shocked.

"Why are you two even friends with those guys. Justin, Zach and Bryce"

"No, see, I'm not friends with Bryce" Alex interjected glancing at me making my eyebrows scrunch together confused. I zoned out to look at my phone realising I had text from Monty.


Yoo, me and the dudes are gonna get drunk, wanna come?


Yeah sure, i'll invite Alex I'm with him now


Wait, what? Why are you with him? You on a date?


Shut up, Monty you doofus


After we were done speaking to Clay, we walked to a small store where we were meeting the guys. When they noticed us Justin shouted over to us asking if we had a good date. I instantly glared at Monty realising he had told the boys a complete lie. "Yeah it was great thanks" Alex replied wrapping his arm around my waist, Zach looked to me and when I looked back he turned away taking a swig of whatever drink he had. Monty glared at Alex and just as he was about to advance towards us I pushed Alex's arm away from me placing my hand on Monty's shoulder.

"We didn't go on a date, just had a quick coffee to catch up" I reassured him walking around him and towards Zach holding my hand out for his drink. He rolled his eyes and smirked a little, taking my hand and spinning me around so my back was against his chest. He wrapped his arms round my waist in a hug as I took a gulp of the drink.

"I thought that you had actually gone on a date with Alex for a minute there" he said with his mouth next to my ear.

"You think I would go on a date with a guy and not tell one of my best friends?" I asked him he chuckled lightly pulling away from me, taking the drink off me and downing some of it. We stood around chatting and drinking for about forty five minutes until Clay turned up at the alley next to the shop.

"There he is! Jensen" Justin shouted as the rest of us cheered buzzed of the drinks. "Come drink with us, buddy!" Justin walked up to Clay to carry on the conversation whereas the rest of us stayed back to carry on drinking and talk about why Clay was even here. They walked back and Justin had his arm around Clay. I had taken a seat on Bryce's truck next to Monty "Alex, you're up man" Monty cheered going into the bag and giving Alex a bottle of beer.

"Freak versus geek! Time trial. Forty ounces" Bryce announced. We all cheered them on, just as they were unscrewing the bottle Tony turned up in his car. "Oh look! Your boyfriends waiting for you"

Zach stood in front of me sloppily placing his arm around Bryce "The record is 18 seconds" He leant back in between my legs to which I had to stretch my body to get my head over his shoulder considering how much shorter I was than him. The De La Cruz family clearly have short genes.

"Wait, to drink it all?" Clay asked shocked clearly never having drank alcohol before.

"Yes, to drink it all" Zach answered laughing turning his head back to me with a smile on his face. I pinched his bulging cheek making him slap my hand away making me giggle.

"There's two ways you leave Jensen: Buzzed or beat down" Justin leaned forward threateningly.

"Wait what?" I said pushing Zach away so I could jump of the car "No way are you going to force him to do that"

Zach grabbed me pulling me out of the way lightly "Come on Jensen don't be a biiiitch" I gave Zach a dirty look elbowing him in his side. He rolled his eyes before looking back at the boy with the plaster on his head. The boy started counting down from five and soon Alex and Clay were downing the bottles of beer. All of them were cheering on but I stood back with my arms crossed unimpressed with the situation. Clay walked away after he had won against Alex and we all got back in the car.

"Why are you so grumpy?"

"Shut it Montgomery" I crossed my arms and pouted making the boys laugh.

Word Count: 1159

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