Chapter 1

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Your POV
" (y/n), can I get up??" I heard my boyfriend ask as I lay on his chest. "No." I say with a smile. "Please??? I gotta pee!!" Matt says. I quickly get off him due to what happened last time. Matt gets up and goes to the toilet as I lay back down, wrapping myself in my large feathery wings. Just as I'm about to fall asleep again the toilet flushes and Matt crashes down next to me on the bed again. I feel his hand gently pat my feathers. "Are you gonna get up??" Matt ask me. I let out a yawn in response. "Do I get morning cuddles?" He questions. I open up my wings and wrap them around us both, somehow. "Happy?" I ask after a few moments. Unwrapping my wings and folding them behind my back. Matt nods as we both get up and head down stairs. Today was the day Matt and Sam left for the Kerberos Mission. And to be honest, I was scared for anything could happen.
Time skip
I sit in my room crying with my wings wrapped tightly around my figure, it just announced on the news Matt, Sam and a guy named Shiro had 'died' on the mission. I open my wings a crack as I hear the door open. Standing there is my best friend, Katie. She walks over to me, sitting on the bed with tears running down her own face, and gently strokes my feathers. "I have a plan." Katie says once we both calm down. I fold my wings back and look at her. "We go into the Garrison and enrol to find out what actually happened." She says. I nod my head. "You'll need a fake name and disguise. They'd be watching out for you from last time. How about Matts nickname, Pidge??" I ask going to my draws. "Good idea." She says. I pull out scissors and a pair of Matts glasses. He didn't need them in space so he left them. It was just a few short weeks later we got into the Garrison. And trust me, it was hard to hide wings as big as mine but, like whenever I go out, I hid the eighteen ft long feathered ligaments.
Final time skip of the chapter
I bow my head down as my team and myself exit the flight simulator. On my team was Lance, a Cuba boy who flirted which every girl he sets eyes on. Hunk, a cinnamon roll who was sweet and loves food. Then Kaite, who has taken up the name Pidge Gunderson to find her family. And lastly, myself, (y/n), a girl with hidden wings that is helping her best friend find her father and brother, when said brother is her boyfriend. "Can anyone point out what they done wrong??" Iverson ask. People start listing out how we can't get along and such. "Remember, your only here because our top student had anger issues. You don't want to end up like the Kerberos Mission, now do you?" He ask, I hold myself back but Pidge doesn't. I sigh as we head out. Another day with another scolding. I head to mine and Pidge's shared dorm. I call her the nickname a lot because the garrison is convinced it's her name and in the past year you get use to it. I get changed into some pj's for a while to let my wings rest, before getting changed into something that hid them, because I was heading to the roof. I head up and see Lance, Hunk and Pidge leaving. "Hey!! Don't leave me!!" I say playfully as they get up and a ship crashes. "Looks like I didn't miss much." I say to Pidge who snorts in response. We run down the to the ground and watch the cameras. "That's Shiro, he's my hero!! But why aren't they listening to him??" Lance ask. "I don't know, but we need a distraction to get in." I say as explosions are heard and a figure runs in. "Oh no, I'm not letting Keith beat me this time!" Lance says running off. "Are you sure it's him?!" Hunk yells as we follow. "I'd recognise that mullet anywhere!!" Lance yells back. "Who's Keith?!?!" Pidge and I yell. Soon enough we're exiting a shack to find this thing, Voltron. I have a conversation with Shiro on the way. "I didn't get to meet you inside, sorry." Shiro says walking next to me. "Shiro, you already know me. It's (y/n)." I say as realisation crosses his face. "Oh yeah, Matt introduced me to you, he constantly talked about you, your his girlfriend." Shiro says catching the others attention. "Your dating someone?!" Lance exclaims. "Yeah. Can we just, push past the subject and focus on the situation at hand??? Plus, I think the cells in your mind may not be taking this new information well Lance, but, that's understandable coming from you." I say with a smirk. Pidge burst out laughing. "What?" Lance ask. I just shake my head and we continue to walk until we reach a cave. It had carvings on the walls. Lance goes up and touches the carvings that lit up blue as we fall through the floor. I scream as all my instincts scream at me to let my wings rip free to soften the fall but I don't. I land on my side, but when I look up I let out a loud gasp. In front of us was a giant blue lion with a glowing blue partial barrier protecting it. "Does anyone feel it watching them??" Lance ask as we walk toward it. "No." Shiro answers. It does feel like the lions eyes are watching me. "Yeah, it's totally watching me." Lance says. Keith puts his hand on the barrier. "How do we get in?" He ask. "Maybe you just have to knock?" Lance answers, knocking on the partial barrier, which seemingly dissolved at his touch. The lion lowers its head and opens a ramp into its mouth. Lance instantly go's running in, to which I follow to. "Dude!! You can't just run in!!" I scream as I follow him. He get to a cockpit. Lance sits sits in a chair and is immediately pulled forward to the controls.
I lied, it's another time skip.
I crash onto my bed with sigh. Just last night I was on the garrison roof. Now I'm in space, piloting The White Lion, which I've named Snow. And fighting along side Voltron to defeat the Galra. But, I wasn't told what my lion does, or what the attributes of the paladin for the lion are. Snow doesn't help to make up Voltron, is smaller then the others. And when Allura went to tell me the attributes of The White Paladin she paused and said nothing. Allura has also been acting coldly towards me. And I'm the only one to notice it. But I don't know why. I pull out my phone and see its full charged. I look at the screen saver. It was of me, Matt and Katie, or Pidge. I let out a sigh. What has my live become???

Ok, this is just the start of a amazing book!!! Trust me, the plot is, well, different, I think. Everything will be explained in due time. But, as I said on a message on my board. My name is Xyanne Love!!! Yay!! I know it's weird but so am I. I hope you guys liked the chapter. Bye!!!

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