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"Please take these back!"

"Sorry. No can do." The man in the black suit rejected.

"Please," I begged him to take the car keys. I know how Hoodie sent me a bouquet of flowers but, a whole car?! I don't know what this mysterious guy was trying to prove but, he wasn't going to woo me with gifts.

The night when I got home from the dinner with my family, we were all greeted by an orchestra sitting in front of our door. Throughout Saturday to today, I have received a hundred roses, a gift card to some fancy spa, jewelry, and even money! I had to lie and say it was from Jaxon. I ended up giving some things to my neighbors because I wouldn't want it.

This man was getting more ridiculous each passing days. Why couldn't he just take the hint that I didn't want to deal with him? I was just woken up from my peaceful nap to be bothered by this man dressed in a suit which I learned his name was Mark.

Mark wouldn't take these car keys that belonged to the Ferrari in front of my house. The neighbors were gazing at it from their porches as if they were in a museum. I rubbed my temples in frustration. "Look, Mark. Either you take back these keys or I'm going to call the cops."

"The Boss said that if you tried that, I would just tell on Jaxon about what he's done."

My heart dropped. Okay, this guy is good. It's like Hoodie learns from what I do before and has a way to block me from it happening again. I hate it.

"I don't have my license or my permit yet."

"You can learn." Mark shrugged. I rolled my eyes. Why is he so damn persistent?!

"Fine." I crossed my arms. "If you won't take these keys back. I guess I'll have to get rid of it myself." I walked outside and headed across the street to my neighbor. He was already standing outside of his house and he looked surprised to see me.

"Hey, Mr. Johnson. So you know how you totaled your car last week?" The old man nodded slowly looking confused about probably why I knew that. I just overheard my Mom on the phone yapping the other day. "Well, you just got yourself a new car!" I plopped the keys in his hands and his eyes widen.


"Yep." I smiled and he gave me a bear hug. "Thank you so much! You're the best, Kimora!" Sprinting down the stairs, he hopped in his fresh new car and giving it a test run. I think I just did a good deed today.

"What is the matter with you?!" Mark yelled at me as I walked back to my house.

I glared at him. "One, watch how you talk to me and two, what's the matter with you and your damn boss?! I don't want these gifts so stop bringing them to me! If he wants me so bad, why doesn't he come to see me himself?!" I slammed the door in front of his face. Can't believe I got woken up for this bullshit. Too bad Matthew was at basketball practice and my parents were at work.

I dragged myself upstairs to my room and laid in my bed still feeling tired. It has been so boring for the past few days. I checked my phone to see any messages from Captain Douche. I sighed, staring up at the ceiling. Jaxon suddenly went ghost after the dinner Saturday. Tyler has been at school and I tried to ask him where Jaxon was. He doesn't tell me a thing and Audrey tried asking him for me but, he didn't give up a single thing.

I don't know if he was hurt or maybe even... dead. I hugged myself, feeling a bit cold by the thought. I just needed to go to sleep. Time will definitely pass by quicker and maybe he'll be back by tomorrow.

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