Ugh. School. (PurQuoise high school, boyxgirl)

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It's a Tuesday morning and every teen has to go to school. Ugh. Students from Iris Falls crowd into the gates, shoulders slouched and heads down—except for that narcissist over there. Almost everyone didn't want to use their brains today.

Through the crowd of brown-hair and blonde-hair people, something colourful came into view. 16-years-old kids with hair colour of various different kinds walked towards the main entrance of the school building. The green-haired teen was running around the colourful bunch shouting something about 'ships' and 'canon warfare'. No one understands what she is talking about. The rest sighed and shook their head, disapproving of her enthusiasm.

Another girl of long turquoise hair and pretty turquoise eyes, stuttered anxiously at the green-head. "G-Green! C-calm down... Th-the teachers might give y-you the 'punishment' again." She twirled her hair with her fingers nervously.

Green skidded and stood in the same spot, looking at the ground as if it were her enemy. The anxious girl jumped and quickly apologised for mentioning the 'punishment'. She was stuttering like mad. It was kinda cute to be honest.

"Turq..." Green began, voice low and slightly terrifying. She was scaring the shy Turquoise. "Please don't tell me that! I'm the one that should be scared! Not to mention you lowered my self-esteem!!!!!!!!! Waaaahhhhhhh!" Green exclaimed now absolutely freaking out. Turquoise was repeating 'sorry' over and over again, her voice squeaking. The students passing by looked at the two with strange expressions.

Blue—because we have come to the conclusion that the members of the colour gang are named after their hair and eye colour—interrupted Green and Turquoise by saying (more like shouting at the top of his lungs), "CLASS WILL BE STARTING IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES! LETS GO!"

With that, Green literally ran inside the school building with Turquoise following not that far behind. What good students they are! Blue sighed and walked into the building.

Down the hallway and to the left is the colour gang's classroom. Red, Orange and Yellow were already in class sitting in the middle of the room in that order. Turquoise took her seat at the back, one seat away from the window seat. Green and Blue took their seats at the front. Black and White walked into the class just before the teacher arrived, and sat in the empty seats beside Blue.

Their teacher, an old lady with a friendly wrinkled face and greying hair greeted the class and started calling out their names.




"Over here."

"Turquoise, dear?"

"Here Ms!"


Silence... no one answered.

"Is Purple not here today? Or is he late again?" Their teacher asked.

Everyone shifted in their chairs and turned around to the back of the room. They were looking at the ownerless window seat beside Turquoise. That was most likely where Purple sat.

Taking that as a 'he's away', their teacher continued. "Okay. I'll take that as a he's away. Is R—" before the old teacher could finish, someone entered the classroom. That certain someone made the whole class turn towards them, sighs let out as they saw who it was.

"Sorry I'm late." He said. Somewhere in the classroom, someone muttered 'again'.

Oh! And that certain someone I was talking about was Purple. He's like a delinquent but more... relaxed and laidback. He is kinda hot as well... ahem. Never mind that.

"Purple!" Everyone was surprised to hear Turquoise speak. The shy, introvert of the room. The least likely to even start a conversation. Turquoise. "You shouldn't be late to class. You'll get a detention!"

Purple smile-smirked at the adorable girl. "Sorry about that."

"Sorry isn't an excuse! Come and sit down. Your reputation is already at the bottom of the trash can (everyone calls the rankings in the school 'trash can'. Creative, huh?), don't make it any lower." Turquoise almost scolded him like a little kid.

"Sorry again, beautiful." Purple said as he sat down in his seat next to Turquoise. Turquoise blushed red at the new nickname.

There was a squeal heard in the classroom. Everyone turned to Green who was on the floor rambling about 'MY SHIP!' and 'PurQuoise!'. No one bothered to question her yet deep inside, the whole class except for Turquoise agreed with her fangirling. Even Purple agreed! It was hard for them to contain it. I ship it!


To be Continued...
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