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She'd been sitting in the bathroom for an hour, her phone clutched in her hands and her mouth dry as a bone.

Fallon had no idea what to do.

All of the signs her body had been sending her were pointing straight to the biggest roadblock she'd ever seen, harder to get over than the Ghoulies, harder to get away from than Malachi haunting her dreams.

Honestly, she had no idea if she would or even could  get around it. She was currently living in a state of denial and had been for about a week.

After another ten minutes of staring at the tiled bathroom wall, she knew who's number to call.

On the third ring, she answered.


"Betty, it's me...It's an emergency."

"Be there in ten."


"What?" Betty asked, her blue eyes wide with shock.

"You heard me." Fallon said, an icy serious expression on her face. "My period is eleven days late. And I've been throwing up all week. Just in the mornings."

"You do know what this means, right?" Betty said, and Fallon gave her the weakest angry look Betty'd ever seen from her, which meant they were in serious trouble.

"Not to be weird or anything...but when was the last time you had sex with Sweet Pea?"

"I don't fucking know, like a week and a half ago maybe, I don't know." Fallon groaned, another wave of nausea washing over her.

"Here, I brought three tests. I stopped at CVS before I got here...I think you should take them." Betty said, sliding a plastic bag towards her across the bathroom floor, the boxes just visible through the thin material.

Fallon dropped her face into her hands, body shaking with silent tears. She felt Betty's arms around her, whispering that it would be okay and that she would get Fallon through this.

"But we can't be sure until you take these tests. Now here, I'll leave and you take them, and we'll go from there okay?" Betty said, her quiet, even voice calming Fallon down a little.

She barely heard Betty get up, or when she shut the door behind her. The only thing Fallon could focus on was the tests in the shopping bag, and the answers they held.


Two blue lines.

Two blue lines that spelled out her worst fears, two blue lines that held the deepest of unknowns for Fallon.

A knock sounded at the bathroom door, Fallon nearly jumping out of her skin. "Fal?" Betty asked. "Can I come in?"

"Y-yeah," Fallon croaked. "Yeah, Blondie, come in."

"Well?" She asked, sliding down the wall to crouch in front of Fallon, who sat on the edge of the bathtub. "What're the verdicts?"

Silently, Fallon handed her the tests.

Betty's mouth went slack, and that was all Fallon needed to burst into tears.

"Hey, hey hey hey hey, don't cry! It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be alright, remember? That's what you told me when my life was falling apart. We're gonna be alright." Betty said, setting the tests down and letting Fallon cry into her shoulder.

"Oh, Betty," Fallon sobbed, "What am I  gonna do?"

"Hey." Betty said, taking Fallon's face in her hands. "Hey, you look at me. It's not what you're gonna do, it's what we're gonna do. We're a team. I'm gonna help you through this, because I didn't get to with my sister when she was in the same situation. I promise I will get you through this."

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