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"Tall boy won't be coming back anytime soon." FP said as he entered their trailer, and Jughead barely looked up from his laptop as he typed.

"Good. He was a coward."

"You know, riding back, I was thinking, maybe I should take a page from your book and have a sit-down with McCoy. Now that we know that Hiram Lodge is responsible for what happened to the statue, I say we show her the head, appeal to her sense of justice." FP said, heading into the kitchen.

Jughead said nothing, waiting for his dad to discover his newest bad decision.

"What, you don't like that plan? Wait a second. Boy, where the hell is General Pickens' head?"


"Mom?" Betty asked as she walked downstairs, dark circles under her eyes. Alice Cooper seemed a little too energetic as she tipped food onto Chic's plate, the immaculately set table

"Oh, good, you're up! Have a seat." She said, and Betty blinked slowly.

"I don't like chocolate-chip pancakes."

That didn't deter Alice as she shrugged. "Well at least, have some cereal. You must be starving."

"Thank you. Oh, can I have the butter, please?" Chic asked, and a knock at the door startled Betty so badly she dropped the cereal in her hands, the bowl shattering on the wood floor.

"Elizabeth?" Alice asked. Betty didn't move, and Alice gave her a look.

"Ask who it is."

Betty crept over to the door, her ear against the wood. "Who is it?"

"Morning." Jughead's voice sounded through the door and she sighed, opening it to see Jughead, Fallon, Sweet Pea, and Fangs.

"Just thought we could walk you to school." Fallon said, and Betty gave her a tired smile, inviting the four Serpents inside to wait.


"Veronica, are you trying to manage me right now?" Jughead groaned later that day in the lounge, Veronica sighing with obviously fake exasperation.

"Define "manage."

"People are gonna lose their homes." Fallon snapped, but Veronica ignored her to continue bugging Jughead.

"Jughead, why don't you come over with your dad and sit down with my dad, and hash this out like civilized humans, face-to-face?"

"Okay, one condition. Your dad comes to Sunnyside Trailer Park. I want him to see the people that he's gonna be displacing." Jughead sighed, and Fallon nodded in agreement from her seat on Sweet Pea's lap.

"Fine. And trust me, no one is being displaced." Veronica huffed, and was about to say more when Kevin burst in.

"Oh, my God, did you guys hear? My dad's scanner's blowing up. The police found another dead body this morning, there's blood everywhere."

Everyone started talking at once, and Fallon didn't miss the way Betty froze.

"Could the Black Hood have risen from the grave?" Jughead asked with a dark grin, and Fallon tightened her grip on Sweet Pea's jacket.

"Did they say whose body?" She asked, and Sweet Pea spoke up too.

"Where did they find it?"

"The investigation is ongoing but apparently, it was a gruesome, gangland-style execution at the motel, with blood and brains splattered all over the duvet—" Kevin said excitedly.

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