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Description of ___Y/N____:

Quirk: wind control, which allows you to fly and have super speed. You have also recently discovered your ability to take over/read anyone's mind by touching them (actions, words, feelings, etc.), but you can't use it well and the effect wears off quickly.

Age: 15 years of age (same age as most peers), but will turn 16 later in story.

Physical Description: Your hair length and color, your skin tone, your color eyes, etc.

Parents: Your mother has a mind control quirk to control anything living using only her mind (plants, animals, and humans) -- you're only able to control human brains by touch though, and your father has super speed and wind powers. This explains your quirk. However, due to your parents demanding you to do extensive, professional training your quirk is very powerful and well-controlled.

Background: Parents are both well-known professional heroes, due to this they aren't home a lot. Your family is quite wealthy as well, so you live comfortably and as an only child. You have been trained to use your quirk from the young age of 4, which was when your quirk was discovered. You grew up with a stable life, other than the fact that your parents both worked a lot, you still had a strict childhood that revolved around lots of training and hard work. Your parents inspired you, so you were okay with their strict control over your training.

Personality: You're an unusually shy person. You always have been. During your free time you're either listening to music or training. You have devoted most, if not all, of your time to ensure you are the be great. However, once people get to know you you're actually quite fun to be around. Your desire is to be one of the best heroes.

U.A. High: You got into U.A. high via recommendations. You're one of the most powerful members in your class, 1-A. You also would prefer your mind control quirk to be kept secret as it usually deters people. You don't talk much, but you have quite friendly relationships with most students.

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