3~ His house

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Yuna's POV

Going to his house after a long day isn't really fun. I feel exhausted of work blown at me. Now I have to sing? Am I going to strain my voice instead of giving aches to my brain now?

I was in Jungkook's car as he was driving us to his house. It's such a fancy car. I took my mind off of school as I was looking at the features of the car. This car is probably worth more than my house.

"We're here!" He calls out as he parks the car in front of the house. This house is so beautiful! Aish.. rich people. We walk to the door.

"Voice recognition." A robot-like voice bursts out, slightly startling me.

"Jeon Jungkookie!!" He responds in an aegyo voice.

The door immediately opens as I see marble stairs leading to the next floor, a large tv on the wall with couches on the side, a foosball table with comfy chairs near the corners, and a hallway which probably leads to more places. I take off my shoes and step foot inside.

"Follow me!" He beckons me over as he walks towards the hallway. I close the door and quickly follow him. There was a kitchen that had a big fridge! Food were placed on top of counters as people were making more food. I assume they're his maids and butlers.

The dining room had this table made of black marble with chairs and had a chandelier that was shining brightly. We finally reach a room that's on the right and go in. Woah, this room has all sorts of instruments.

"Shall we start? What song should we do?" He asks, eyeing me for my reaction. A song that people relate to.. there's a lot of love and break up songs. I don't know if a lot of people will relate to it because I'm not sure if they've been in a relationship or not.

'BTS Tomorrow.' Is what I thought of as an idea. It doesn't have to be that song though.

"Okay! Let's do BTS' Tomorrow. What instrument do you play?" He asks curiously. I pick out a guitar. "Ah guitar? I'm most good at that too."

I take a seat and start to play around with the strings. BTS' Tomorrow.. the tune.. is it like this? I start playing the tune of Tomorrow, but I feel like there's a few notes I'm missing. Aish..

"Here, let me try!" He suggests after seeing me struggle, holding out another guitar.

He starts to play the tune of Tomorrow. Ahh, those were the notes I was missing. Once he was finished, he looks up.

"Are you going to sing for me? With that cute voice of yours, it'll be soothing!" He winks teasingly.

'I'm not a good singer.. I could play the guitar while you sing.'

"If you're too shy, I'll sing with you! We both could play Tomorrow with the guitar. But we won't play the same tune. We'll play different tunes to harmonize!"

I shake my head side to side. I don't want to sing. I can't sing in front of people because I'll mess up.

"Well.. I won't participate if you don't sing!" He sticks out his tongue. Aish, this guy..

Ni kkumeul ttaraga like breaker Follow your dream like breaker
buseojindaedo oh better Even if it breaks down, oh better
ni kkumeul like breaker Follow your dream like breaker
muneojindaedo oh Even if it breaks down,
dwiro daranajima never don't ever run backwards, never

I sang that bit of Tomorrow while closing my eyes. I'm afraid of singing in front of people, so closing my eyes helps. When my eyes fluttered open again, he had what seemed like a disgusted look on his face.

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