Warrior of the underworld?

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Long Island - Camp Half-blood


I stood at the entrance that led to the demigod camp, Camp half-blood. It was currently night time.

'Well, I'm finally here...' I mentally sighed.

Apparently I have to talk to and help demigods out at this Camp.

One word.


There couldn't be anything else I could ask for!


I haven't talked to real people in a long time. Only the souls of dead people.

I walked through the entrance of Camp half-blood. I remembered my instructions.

'Go to the biggest house there is in the camp, that's the big house, where you will be told further instructions.'

Wow! The biggest house is called the big house! Of course It's called the big house! I mean, it IS a big house! The biggest in camp! Oh boy! What a perfect name!

All of this sarcasm in my mind is making me sick. I'm going to stop this now.

I proceeded to walk to the big house. Luckily there was no one around. Probably sleeping. Night time is so peaceful. Who wouldn't want to be out during the night?

After a few minutes I managed to make it to the big house. I knocked on the door twice before waiting for an answer.

A few seconds had passed before the door opened. There, was Chiron the centaur, who was a teacher to Achilles, Perseus, and all those other guys.

"Ah, you must be Nico, I presume? Warrior of the underworld?" He asked.

"Yes. My father, Hades has sent me here after I saw a message written in Ancient Greek, in golden letters." I said.

"Yes yes. Come in. I've been informed by another warrior."

I walked into the room, but not without thinking; "Another warrior? What do you mean by another warrior?" I asked.

Chiron opened his mouth to say something but got cut off when the door swung open.

"Hey Chiron. Can you keep it down in here? It's been a long day and I'm exhausted from that small invasion. Who are you even talking to? I doubt Dionysus is even here in the middle of the night." The mysterious figure mumbled. Eyes half closed. His hand on the side of the door as if he was going to collapse from exhaustion.

"Ah. Sorry Perseus. I was just talking to another warrior like you." Chiron replied. Just as Chiron said it 'Perseus' had stood up straight. Eyes widening a bit.

He stepped into the dim light of the big house, finally showing off his full appearance. He had jet black hair with sea green eyes. His clothes, well... he had a shirt and some pajama pants on with waves on them.

"Wait-- warrior?! What do you mean warrior?" He asked frantically as he looked around the room, his eyes landing on me.

"Who the heck are you?" Perseus asked.

I coughed before introducing myself. My name is Nico di angelo. Warrior of the underworld. Now who are you?"

His facial expression turned into one of confusion.

"But that can't be.. They said there were any other warriors?" Perseus whispered to himself, clearly not quiet enough.

"Well clearly there isn't just one. Now, who are you?" I asked, still waiting for a reply.

"Perseus Jackson. Warrior of the sea."

"Well. Now we know there's more than one warrior. Is there another warri--"


Perseus and I both look towards the entrance.

"Don't tell me..." Perseus and I both said in unison.

Pretty freaking obvious who it is. I mean it's not a surprise. Anyways,

Happy Halloween! I hope you guys had a great Halloween so far! Hahahaa and sorry for the long wait for the chapter and not so long chapter... there's just really nothing to write about for this chapter and yeah. Future chapters might be longer.


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