His Touch - AA 🏈

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Requested by dunklerkeks1611
I hope you enjoy. This is my first time publishing smut so it may not be amazing.

This chapter contains references to detailed sex and sexual acts. AKA YOU WILL NEED HOLY WATER AFTER READING THIS! Skip this chapter if you wish. Read with caution if you continue.

In which his touch is your undoing.


It had been a rough day for you. The pile of homework teachers kept adding to, the rude comments you'd get from other girls in your class and the fact that you stayed up till two in the morning, trying to finish last night's homework. It was taking an emotional and physical toll on you. Betty and Veronica could tell you were having a bad day. To add to it all, you hadn't seen your boyfriend, Archie, all day.

"Y/N, just skip last period and go home. Have a good nap and treat yourself to a bath or something." Betty comforts you as you rest your head on her shoulder. It was free period and you were practically falling asleep at your desk. You look at Betty before shaking your head.

"What about homework?? And-"

"No excuses, Y/N. Health comes before school. Plus we'll message you the homework." You glance at Veronica for back up. She shrugs.

"I agree with B. Your health comes before everything. Treat yourself." You roll your eyes as the bell goes. You grab your stuff and say goodbye to your friends before leaving. You knew your mother would probably be annoyed at you for skipping school, but at this point in time, you were just too tired to even care. You make to the front door, unlocking it and closing it behind you. You walk to your bedroom and kick off your shoes, dropping your bag as you jump onto your bed. As you lie in bed, you try to fall asleep, but are unable to. Giving up, you think of your options to occupy your time. Your mind drifts to Archie and you can't help but rub your legs together. The two of you had sex for the first time a few weeks ago and you've been craving him ever since. Realisation struck you. The house was empty because your parents were at work. You don't usually get time like this to yourself.

"V said treat myself." You mumble to yourself with a small satisfied smirk on your face as you slip off your shirt and jeans/shorts/skirt/pants, leaving yourself in your bra and underwear. You crawl onto the bed and begin groping yourself, closing your eyes and pretending it was Archie touching you. The thought of his touch set you alight, a pit of pleasure beginning to swell in the bottom of your stomach. You graze your hands over your skin, letting out small moans. Your mind buzzed as your right hand slowly dragged itself towards your panty line. "Archie." You moan quietly, imagining your boyfriend shirtless as he teased your body. Your hormones kick into high gear as your fingers crawl under what's left of your clothing and slip into your folds, beginning to pleasure yourself. You pant through your moans, continuously saying your boyfriend's name. "Oh god, Archie!" You moan loudly.

Unknown to you, Betty and Veronica had contacted your ginger man, letting him know that you were feeling a bit down today. After hearing about how shitty your day had been, Archie decided to visit you and try to cheer you up. He left school as soon as it ended and went straight to yours. As he arrived, he went to knock, but the door swung open as he touched it. Archie furrowed his eyebrows, but shook it off, shutting the front door. He hears muffled noises coming from your room. He carefully walks through the hall, coming nearer to your room. Assuming you'd be asleep, Archie tries to be as quiet as possible. Your boyfriend comes closer to the door and creaks it open, peaking in. His eyes widen and his whole face and neck match his hair as he sees you, eyes closed, pleasuring yourself on the bed.

"Archie." You moan again, gasping as you come close. Still unaware of his presence, Archie opens the door and walks up behind you. He watches intently as your fingers slid over your body, embracing every curve, bump and stretch mark.

"It's okay, babe. I've got you." is all you hear before he removes your hands from your skin. You gasp in shock as he takes your bra off and squeezes your tits, his chest right against your back. His touch was remarkable, irresistible. Your arousal doesn't fade as his fingers graze over your body, making your head spin. He sucks on your neck, leaving hickies as he slips his finger into your slit, pumping in and out. You moan and squirm and gasp as he adds another one, your head pounding with delight.

"Archie baby. I love this, but I want you inside me." You manage to speak above a whisper as your whole body glistens with sweat.

"As you wish, my love." Archie removes his fingers and you almost whimper from the release of contact. Archie faces you and pulls off his clothing. He then hooks his finger around your panties and slowly, almost painfully, pulls them down your legs as he bites down on his bottom lip. "You drove me insane when you were moaning my name, practically begging me to fuck you, to touch you all over." Archie's eyes show evidence of pure lust as he pulls you closer to him and slowly slides his member into your throbbing wet core. You throw your head back, your whole body shaking from how close you are.

"Archie, I'm gonna-"

"It's okay, baby. I've got you." You moan ridiculously loud as you cum. You ride out your orgasm and Archie soon cums after. You both finish, lying down beside each other. Archie wraps his arms around you, kissing your forehead.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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