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Peter stays at an orphanage where the owner does nothing but abuse the kids and take the money donated for herself. And a 40 year old woman works at the front desk. She's a cougar( an older women who likes younger men.) So she flirts with Peter the most because he's the cutest. Peter's friends at high school are ned, mj and liz. (All from homecoming.) He gets bullied by flash and his goons.

Tony Rodgers stark:
Age: 27
Power: intelligence
Hero: iron man.
Lover: Steve (captain America)
Hobbies: working with science. Talking, bragging, spending, thinking, hanging out.
Likes: family, doughnuts, science, the avengers sleeping, tech.
Dislikes: no tech, fury, working, not allowed to have anymore doughnuts.
Two words to describe: genius over protective and

Steve Rodgers stark:
Age: 28 (97)
Power: super soldier.
Hero: captain america.
Lover: Tony ( iron man)
Hobbies: training, cooking, exercising, loving, family, helping people.
Likes: training cooking hanging out with family helping.
Dislikes: swearing, pain from others. Not being able to help.
Two words to describe; loving and helpful.

Peter Benjamin parker Rodgers stark:
Age: 15
Power; ability of a spider.
Hero; spiderman.
Lover: wade wilson(deadpool)
Hobbies: working with science, protecting people, patrolling hanging out with family, friends and wade wilson.
Likes: science, engineering, family, saving and helping others.
Dislikes: not being able to help or save someone,
Three words to describe: genius risktaker problemsolver.

Wade wilson:
Power: healing facter.
Mercenary: deadpool.
Lover: peter( spiderman)
Hobbies: killing talking, and hanging, flirting and touching spidey,
Likes: spidey, killing, Mexican food, money, sexual contact.
Dislikes: his face, the boxes in his head ( most of the time), not finishing a kill, spidey getting hurt.
Two words to describe: killer, overprotective.

Ships: halksilver, spideypool, stony, maybe starlordxthor ( and I know star lord with thor is not all that popular  it I like it kinda

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Ships: halksilver, spideypool, stony, maybe starlordxthor ( and I know star lord with thor is not all that popular  it I like it kinda.) natashaxbruce, Wandaxvision.
P.s, no F.r.i.d.a.y still Jarvis.
spideypool, and stony are the main ships I'm gonna stick to.

Characters: maybe docter strange, ned, m.j, liz, flash, sinister six, fury,
And more.....

And authors note will
be this at the beginning of chapters.
And this is my first story on wattpad, so thank you for support.

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