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Melo and I walked back to the hotel and went to our room. We still had a whole hour before the dinner. Lamelo decided to shower, leaving me in the comfort of my own space for a while. I loved vybing with my self. About 20 minutes later Melo came out of the bathroom. Well there goes my alone time.

"Let's talk Kai," Melo said staring at me blankly.

"Um ok," I answered putting down my phone.

He sat directly opposite of me on his bed.

"So what kind of wedding you want?" He asked.

"I never really thought about it, we're only 16," I shook my head.

"Yeah I know. Same here," Melo shrugged.

"Whatever you want we can have tho, so let's start putting ideas together," He smiled.

I smiled at the phrase "Anything you want."

"How about a beach wedding?" I asked.

"That's wassup, with like flying dolphins doing dunks and shit," He jumped up excitedly. 

"Calm down boy, I don't think that's possible," I laughed.

"It can be tho, let's finish this convo after the dinner wifey. Time to go," Melo said grabbing my hand.

"My name is Mekai Simmons," I rolled my eyes.

"Oh i'm sorry Mekai soon to be Ball Simmons," He smirked.

I just left him to have his fun. We got to the dinner hand in hand earning snickers and "awes" from everyone. 

"Glad to see you two getting along, I knew things would've worked out," Tina said. 

"Yes ma'am," I slightly smiled. 

"You have so much respect for yourself and others Kai, I'm glad we chose you," Lavar added.

At this point I was blushing.

"What about me?" Melo asked.

"You need a new barber," Gelo answered, causing me to chuckle.

"Get yourself a dentist while you're at that," Lonzo added.

"Nigga get yourself a new probation officer and Zo get yourself a stylist," Melo roasted them back. 

I couldn't help but laugh. 

"Don't be showing out for our new sis," Lonzo said sipping his tea.

"Mane shut the fu---," 

"Boy I'll knock your teeth out and give them the gap again!" Lavar shouted.

He was always shouting for some unknown reason. Our food came and we ate and talked. I got to know Zo and Gelo's girlfriends a bit. We're going shopping tomorrow along with Ms.Tina. 

"Thank you guys so much for the meal, if you excuse me I'm going to the room," I said politely.

"Sure thing, you're welcome hunny," Tina answered. 

"I'll go with you," Melo said standing.

I looked at the table and saw the boys smirking.

"You kids have a good night," Gelo chuckled. 

I said Goodnight to everyone and left with Lamelo beside me. We entered the room and I took out my pajama. I changed in the bathroom and came back on my bed. 

I grabbed my phone and was a bit taken back by my instagram notifications.

2,879 likes, 882 comments, 1,348 followers

Melo mentioned you in his story

Well that explains the sudden fame. I clicked on the story and saw an offguard picture of me with the word 'fiancé', a ring emoji and my @.

I followed Melo and closed my phone. I was about to sleep when Lamelo said something.

"Goodnight Wifey."

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