XIII. He only loves TARA.

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Don't you see anyone other than me.
Baby please.I'll take a hit off whatever you got,maybe two, maybe three.

I saw Sweet Pea looking at Tara, I then saw him grin, in which she returned.

He looked away. The group dispersed and I decided to stay. Before they left,

"You see,He'll always want Tara, Not Vanessa." She mumbled in my ear before she left. It's sent shivers down my spine. He really did love me right. And smile isn't that affectionate, a smile doesn't start a love story.

Maybe a smile ends one......

Chapter II:I could feel the Tall serpent stare at me, Deep into my face. I finally looked up at him, and flashed a small smile, in which he tinily returned.

I felt sick to my stomach why, why did my pessimistic thoughts always get in the way. He truly did love me. I know he does.

Cheryl sat down next to me, I ran to the bathroom as she tied my hair back, And rubbed my back. I guess Toni heard, I saw Sweet Pea walk in.

"This is the woman's locker room." Cheryl spat before she excused herself.
Sweet pea rubbed my back.
"You're okay. You're okay." He rubbed my back. "I cant be in here I'll go get Toni and Tar-" He began.

"Toni.please." I asked. He only nodded.
Toni rushed in.

"We babygirl, it's okay, You'll be fine." She mumbled. Tara walked in, acting as if everything was fine."I only asked for Toni," I mumbled, not moving from my position by the toilet.

"But-" she began.
"Go!" I raised my voice,"fine the ," She smirked.
"You have puke on you neck lining."

I rolled my eyes.
I was sick to my stomach because of her. Why the fuck would I want her to help.

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