Chapter 2

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I hope this story picks up. I really am enjoying writing it :)) Like I said before it's not something I would usually write but you gotta give it a go sometime, right? lol Enjoy 

I hadn't moved from my spot. Blaze was long gone and I was still standing where he had left me. Like the little loser that I am I was still playing over in my head what he said to me. 

'The names Blaze sweetheart and i'll definatly be seeing you sometime'

What did he mean he would be seeing me sometime? The guy didn't even know who I was and if he did I'm pretty sure seeing me would be the last thing on his mind. Feeling my phone buzz in my pocket again I took it out seeing I had a new message from my mom along with a dozen missed calls. 

'Baby I'm not mad I just need to know that your're alright. Please A call me or atleast text me back. Please honey I'm going out of my mind x'  

Quickly texting her back I put my phone away and got in my car.Running a hand through my hair I started my engine and left the parking lot. 

It was nearing 2pm and all I had done for the past couple of hours was drive about. I needed a sleep and I needed a shower, badly.  I knew before I came here what I wanted but now that I was actually here I was shitting myself. I had been driving around wasting gas because I couldn't bring myself to drive to where I wanted to go. My nerves were eating away at me to the point where I felt sick. 

Suck it up!! Whats the worst that could happen?

Blowing out a big breath I took of in the direction of my dads club house. It was now or never I had to do this for me. If the outcome doesn't turn out the way I hope then I'll just go home and go back to living without him it's not like it's something I'm not used to. Growing up without a dad was hard. Seeing other kids with there dads was heartbreaking but most of all it made me jealous, made me want this even more. Even to this day it still makes me green with envy. A girl needs her daddy.

Pulling up on the opposite side of the road I glanced up at the club house. It sure as hell didn't make you feel welcomed but then again that was probably the point, to keep outsiders out. Barred wire covered the tops of the 6 foot fence that surrounded the building. Squinting my eyes I noticed the words Devils Due MC imprinted on the top of the building for everyone to see. 

No one was around that I could see but that didn't mean there was no one inside. I could always remember as a little girl the club house was always full. Full of bikers, there old ladies and dirty women. Well thats what my mom would call them. Sighing I lay my head against my head rest, feeling my eyes get heavy a yawn escaped my mouth.

Jerking awake I glanced around me, when did it get dark? Pulling out my phone from my pocket I cursed when it read 7.30pm. Looking over at the club house my breath caught in my throat when I noticed Blaze leaning against his bike, cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth and his eyes glued on mine.

Was he glaring at me?

I wanted to look away. I wanted to start my car and get the hell out of there but I couldn't. My heartbeat quickened as I watched him stub out his cigarette and make his way towards me. As he got closer I broke eye contact and pressed my lock button. Yeah he was part of my dads club but he didn't know Franko was my dad and I didn't know what he was capable of. Rounding my car he came to a stop at my window. I couldn't look at him and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I was shitting my panties.

"Bitch you a cop?" he sneered

A cop? I wanted to laugh, glancing at him all thoughts of wanting to laugh left my head. He looked ready to murder someone I just hope to god it wasn't me. Shaking my head he banged his fist against the glass causing a scream to fall from my lips.

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