'Hangout' Part 2

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Summary: Connor had asked you to 'hangout' obviously you agreed

Summary: Connor had asked you to 'hangout' obviously you agreed

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His eyes hang heavy, snoring away on the couch. A beer bottle in his hand, slipping out of his grasp. The silence gets interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Hank immediately jumps up with fear, his heart racing quicker. Sumo starts barking as Hank groans. He puts the bottle on the table and starts to stretch. A tired yawn escapes his lips as he begins to make his way towards the front door. His fingers curl with the door knob as he opens it, his eyes widen then frowns.

"Connor? What the fuck are you doing here?" Hank asked with annoyance, making Connor show a small smile to his lips.

"Greetings Lieutenant, I'm here to 'hangout' with Y/N." Connor says innocently, Hank frowns as he slams the door in Connor's face.

"Hangout, my ass."

Hank begins to walk away from the door as suddenly, a knock is heard from the door. Hank stands in the middle of the room, he huffs as he looks up.

"Y/N!" Hank yells out, he then begins to mumble under his breath.

You walk out of your room as you close your door behind you. You smile as you walk towards the living room to meet a cranky Hank. You sigh as you walk over towards him. He eyes you up and down. You wear a F/C dress that goes above your knees, a small white cardigan with black flats. Your hair into a fishtail braid. Hank's eyes soften as he sees your appearance. A knock on the door again alerts Hank as he groans. He then looks back at the door then back to you.

"You're going to 'hangout' with Connor, aren't you?" Hank asked making you chuckle.

"I'd like too, yes." You smile, Hank shows a soft smile. "So if you would kindly open the door for Connor instead of slamming it on his face." You say with a smile on your lips, chuckling. Hank groans as he walks over towards the door and opens it. He sees Connor he then smiles.

"Lieutenant, why did you-" Before Connor could even ask his question Hank shuts the door once again on Connor's face. You frown as you cross your arms above your chest from annoyance.

"Dad!" You yell making Hank chuckle. He then opens the door to Connor. You then walk over towards Connor before your dad could slam the door on him once again. You stand besides Connor as you stare at your dad, whilst Connor stares at you... admiring. A blush creeps to his cheeks, he quickly looks down at the floor hiding his blush.

"Well then, I guess I really can't stop you. Connor, you be good to her or I'll shoot your brains out... literally." Hank threats making you roll your eyes. Connor nods.

"Of course Lieutenant." Connor says as he then shows a smile.

"I want you back before nine, or you're grounded. And Connor, if she's not back by nine I'll throw you off a building." Hank spits at Connor.

"Okay. Bye dad!" You shout as you drag Connor away from your house.

Hank rolls his eyes as he mutters under his breath 'fucking androids'. He then shuts the door behind him.


You and Connor walked along the park's path, the moonlight setting a beautiful lighting and mood. Connor looks over at you, the moonlight hitting your face creating a beautiful look. He couldn't help but to stare, looking at all of your features, the details of your face as if he's painting a portrait. Remembering every little detail he could master. You turn over to look at him, a small smile reaching your lips as a blush enters your cheeks. Connor quickly looks away, the blue blush coming back.

"Were you staring?" You ask, Connor looks back at you.

"N-no." He stutters, making you frown in confusion. You look away from him thinking, androids don't usually stutter. Why did Connor? "Are you okay, Y/N?" He asked you, you turn to face him as you show a small smile.

"I'm fine. How about you, Connor?" You ask making him tilt his head.

"I feel like I'm becoming a deviant..." He says making you frown in confusion. You grab his cold hands into yours as you look into his hazel eyes.

"What do you mean that you feel like you're becoming deviant?" You ask, worry filling through you. He looks at you with stern eyes.

"I have feelings for you, and I know that androids are not allowed to have feelings. Nor any relationships especially with humans. But, something about you... I can not help but to feel this way." He speaks looking at you, a strong look of hope in his eyes. "I want us to be more, if you are pleased too." Connor confesses. This makes you smile.

Your fingers touch his jawline, his sharp jawline. Your fingers run across it. You look into his hazel eyes, sharing a glance. "Of course." You whisper softly. Connor smiles as his cold hand touches your warm one. His eyes flicker down to your lips then back to your eyes.

"Can... Can I kiss you?" He whispers, this makes you smile.

"Of course." You reply to his whisper. He looks down to your lips, leaning close. Leaving no gap between you, your lips touch his cold ones. His lips felt cold and soft, incredible. Fireworks starts a riot in your stomach, feeling all of your emotions collide. It was magical, you couldn't put words into how you're feeling.

It feels as if it's the start of time.

You pull away, a string of saliva connected between yours and Connor's lips. He looks into your eyes, hazel meeting E/C. You both were still close. Feeling his breath against yours (If they breathe?), your own hitting against his. His LED then turns yellow. He looks at you, a sad look on his face.

"It's currently 8:47. Lieutenant would be expecting you." He says you sigh making you nod.

"Welp, let's go." You say with a warm smile on your lips. Your hand slides into his, he looks down at your hand connected to his. He smiles as you both begin to walk back to your house.


Connor walks you to the front of your door. You turn to face him. A small smile with an escape of a chuckle from your lips. You look up at Connor, a smile.

"Tonight's been a beautiful night, Connor. It's been fun. Thank you for taking me out." You say, Connor smiles at you.

"Of course, Y/N. I also had a pleasant time with you." He says.

You both lean in, lips touching one another.

"No! No! NO! NO FUCKING KISSING!" Hank yells making you and Connor instantly pull away. You both blush, you look at Connor and smile, he returns the loving smile. "Come on, get in before I get my gun." Hank threats making you roll your eyes at him.

"Bye Connor." You wave him a goodbye as he waves one to you.

"Goodbye, Y/N-"

"Yes yes. Bye Connor!" Hank says sarcastically as he rolls his eyes and grunts. You chuckle as you and Connor share one last glance at each other. "Y/N! GET INSIDE BEFORE I LOCK YOU OUT THERE!" You roll your eyes as you and Connor share a glance.

You kiss him on the cheek then you went inside. Connor stands there, a large smile on his lips. His finger's trace where your lips touched his skin. A blue blush creeps to his cheeks. He then begins to walk away a happy warm feeling inside of him.

You enter your room a loving smile on your lips. You shut your door as you jump on your bed. You fall on the mattress, a happy sigh releasing from your lips. The memory of his lips against yours playing in your mind.

"This was clearly more than just a hangout. Wasn't it?" Hank asked, you sit up and smile. "Ugh, androids... fucking assholes." Hank mumbles as he walks away from you. Leaving you to your day dreaming.

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