Hide away

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The next morning I was woken up by a hard banging on my bedroom door. I cracked my eye open as I heard the knob turn and then another bang as it flew open and hit the wall. My obnoxious older brother came stomping into my room and I borrowed farther under my covers.  Aaron always liked to get on my nerves, it wasn't the first time hes pestered me like this.

"Sit up and tell me everything." He sat in my desk chair. "Now Callum!"

"Everything about what?" I mumbled into my pillow but I knew he heard me.
He scoffed as if it was obvious.  "Why did Ares and Link sit with you at lunch? Where were you after classes? I need the details, bro."

I felt my face heat up remembering the events of yesterday. Link kissed me. My first kiss was over now. Did I really want to tell Aaron that embarrassing story? Not at all.

"None of yesterday is your business,  Aaron. Please dont interfere." He didn't seem satisfied. "Link wanted to ask if I would join debate with him.  I told him I was busy studying for exams.  That was that." I lied. I'm not a great liar but if he didn't see my face I can only hope he wouldn't notice.

"That's so boring." I heard my chair move and I knew he had gotten up and was leaving my room. "Its time to wake up now anyway." As he spoke my alarm chimes. I didn't move till I heard my door close.

I sat up, throwing the blanket off my face, so i could breath again. My cheeks were hot still as yesterday, once again, ran through my mind.  I hated lying to my brother but I couldn't say it out loud.  I couldn't say somebody might like me,  not when that somebody was Link Harsh. I shook my head violently trying to rid myself of thinking about it. It was a joke, kissing a nobody like me proved nothing, he was rather popular with girls at school. I'm sure he's kissed plenty of people.

He didn't even ask my permission!

My face felt hot again and I ran to the shower to get ready for school. No more thinking. I have to forget and focus on exams that are only a month away.

I started to walk to school as usual when a clunky old car pulled next to me. Pitch black hair came to view when the window began descending and Link was soon smiling at my shocked face. I sighed but began to walk again.

"Hey! I'm offering to pick you up! Dont walk away." He hollered.

"I dont need to get a ride. It only 2 blocks away." I tried to yell, but my voice was such an unused instrument, it didn't seem very loud at all. The car crept beside me. "Leave me alone. You both look ridiculous."

"Wow, three whole sentences. Look Ares, he can communicate." My cheeks flared. "Come on Callum, get in the car."

"My mother taught me to never get in a car with a stranger." I refused once more. "Leave me alone." I turned the corner and the schools buildings came into view. This was usually my leisure time before school, my time to take in the morning air and prepare my mind for a hard day of learning. Not today it would seem.

"I'm going to convince you to give me a chance,  Callum, whether you like it or not."

"Your plan is to bother me till I cave, isn't it?" I glared at him but he only laughed. I knew this was his plan. This was how those two were, obnoxious,  overbearing,  and stubborn. "Stop following me." Ares and Link only smiled as they crept alongside me. Other students were staring and I wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole. I picked up the pace and ran through the school gates before they had a chance to try and speed up.

I went straight to my first lesson so I couldn't be bothered again this morning. Between Aaron's early wake up call and the smiling idiot's creep along I was absolutely exhausted already. As classes began I put everything aside and focused on my work. With exams coming all the teachers were throwing so much information out it was unreal. Covering three chapters in a week in history,  practice tests in biology every week, pages and pages of notes in math class. I hardly knew how I was going to survive.

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