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You brushed off your skirt looking in the mirror of your little room. You really didn't want to be helping in the army, but being the daughter of Colonel Phillips meant he was bound to bring you with him despite your protests.

At the moment, you were in New York at the world's fair observing all the men who had wanted to enlist. At least that was a plus. Then you noticed one man.

He was different from everyone else. He was tiny, but you could see ambition sparkle in his eyes. He seemed to have a kind demeanor, and the desire to help the war, even if it wasn't on the front line.

Something about him made you believe he'd be perfect for the super soldier project. You rushed to find your friend.

"Dr. Erskine! Dr Erskine!" You rushed to him hoping the man wouldn't leave.

"Hello to you too y/n. What's the matter?" He smiled.

"I think I found the one."

"You found your husband? Congratulations." He laughed.

"No. I found a candidate for the super soldier project."

Before he could say anything you took his hand leading him to where you saw him.

You were thankful the guy was still there. You stayed behind the corner peaking at him.

"Just trust me. He's over there." You pointed to where he was.

"Of course I trust your judgement. Do you mean the one in uniform?"

You looked around and eyed the tall stranger. He was rather charming himself, but you had to focus on the main topic.

"No. It's the other one. The blonde."

Erskine looked around the corner then back to you. You put on your serious face, and he caved. "Fine. I will go see. Now you probably want to go find your father."

You nodded looking one more time at both the men. You blushed when you accidentally made eye contact with the tall brown headed one.

You found your father, and he told you to pack up. You were both headed back to base.

Several weeks later, your father, Peggy, and you walked the fields where a line of men were. You mainly stayed quiet as your dad and Peggy talked.

That's when you recognized him. The man you told Erskine about. You smiled nodding to him. He kindly smiled back. Then you after Peggy punched the rude man once he got back up, you wasted no time to kick him in the privates.

"That's enough y/n. Come on." You nodded to your dad, smiling one more time at the man.

When he protected everyone from the grenade, you smiled knowing you saw potential.


The night before Steve's procedure he talked with Erskine.

"Who's y/n?" He asked as he sat on his cot.

Erskine laughed, "She's the one who thought you would be great for this. If it wasn't for her, you probably wouldn't be here."

"Is she was the one in New York Bucky was talking about?"

"Probably so." Erskine nodded. "Just... You might not want to catch feelings for her."

"I... I actually kinda like Peggy, but why?" (Sorry. This is like a you're friends imagine.)

"She's Colonel Phillips' daughter."

Steve laughed closing his eyes putting his hands to his chest.

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