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"V hyung! Dating a Blackpink member?" Jungkook ran into Taehyung's room. "What?" Taehyung was on his laptop.

"Blinks and Army's have blown up our Instagram,Twitter, and the comments if our music videos! Your dating Jisoo?!" Jungkook pounced on Taehyung's bed. "Yeah, what's to it?" Taehyung closed his laptop.

"No No No!  Our manager hasn't figured ou-" Jungkook started to say but the door burst open.

"Kim Taehyung! How can you date a member of Blackpink! YG Entertainment is our rival!" Bang Si-hyuk the manager of BigHit yelled. "Break up with that bitch!" He yelled.

"What!? I'm not breaking up with Jisoo just because she's under YG!" Taehyung yelled back.

Jungkook slid away and out the door.

About an nine hours later, all the members where in the practice room. "Better then yesterday!" A staff said.

"So, is it true your dating Jisoo?" Jimin whispered. Taehyung drank some water then answered. "Yeah."

"How long have we been practising?" Yoongi asked, rubbing his eyes. "Nine hours." Namjoon chugged his water. "Ugh, right when we get back to the dorms I'm going to sleep!" Yoongi covered his eyes with his arm.

After Taehyung took his shower (and got dressed😂) he video chatted Jisoo.

V: "hey"
J:"hey! How long have you been practicing? We've been practicing for 11 hours!"
V:"nine. Wow. 11?"
J:"yeah. We also have a fansign tomorrow."
V:"I'll be there😉"
J:"Stop! Your gonna make me blush!"
V:"isn't that the point? "
Jin then opened the door. "Talkin' to your girlfriend?" Jin nudged Taehyung. "Go away hyung." Taehyung pushed Jin. Jisoo started laughing. "OK, I can't with you!" Lisa then popped in the camera. "Hey Tae! Hey Jin!" Lisa greeted. "Hey;" Taehyung and Jin said in unison.

They talked for about 10 more minutes. "I'm going to go now! Bye Lisa! Bye Jisoo!" Jin said goodbye. "Bye Jin!" Lisa and Jisoo said together.

"Don't forget Jisoo! We have a fansign tomorrow! And a mini concert!" Lisa said. "Ugh, a mini concert?" Jisoo groaned. Lisa nodded. "That's why we practiced for 11 hours today!" Jisoo said. "I'll be there!" Taehyung smiled. Lisa and Jisoo laughed. "That's gonna start a lot of drama." Lisa said. "Yeah, I know." Taehyung said. Lisa's phone buzzed. "Oh, that was
Sangwon, we gotta go!" Lisa said. "Bye!" Lisa said. "Bye Tae!" Jisoo said. "Bye." Taehyung said.

Than the call hung up. Taehyung already knew about the fansign and the mini concert. And he was coming to be there.
idky I made this.
I saw suga x Lisa and decided to make v x jisoo.
I jhope u enjoyed!
Luv ya GucciBuns!
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