Chapter 72

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So.. after thinking thouroughly through all of my priorities, I have decided that I would stop writing this story and remove all chapters...

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By the way, Liam is now Marcus and Niall has been casted as Ethan


“You are sick, arrogant and delusional.” She muttered as Jonah began to walk away. “I can’t believe bastards like you are people who are ruling us. This is not how the world should work! This is not right!”

“Life is a slaughter house, and the sooner you realize that, the better.”


Jonah smirked as he walked away. The gentle falls of Evelyn’s footsteps followed momentarily. He could almost hear the annoyance and reluctance in her foot steps.

“I don’t get why you love your human so much. He had so much going for him. He could have become somebody great if he only just followed the footsteps of his ancestors. His great, great, great grandfather was such good man.” Jonah sighed. “I was quite fond of him, he did fight by my side throughout those golden years…”

Jonah led Evelyn to a small foyer with a wide, curvy staircase built into the walls. He led the way, and all Evelyn could do was follow.

“W-what do you mean he fought by your side?”

“Jackson Redfern was smart, real smart, not just the fake, book smart. His brain worked in an impressive way—and I don’t get impressed very much. One of the best hackers and a genius of deduction I’ve ever met. Knew what the enemies were thinking before they thought of it…” Jonah laughed darkly. “Zayn offered him immortality you know, but he refused… what a fool.”

“Ethan’s ancestor fought in the war?” Evelyn asked cautiously, her jaw dropped a little, shocked by the information.

“Your prince charming not so charming anymore?” Jonah mocked. “Your lover boy’s ancestors fought for a good cause, he was smart, he knew the humans can not be trusted with power and authority. If Ethan Redfern is anywhere as smart as his ancestor, he would have accepted the money we offered him and ran with it. Now look at him… locked up in a dungeon, tortured and beaten till he’s on the brink of death: only to be healed by vampire blood and then have the process repeated over, and over again.”

Evelyn shuddered. She remember the things Ethan told her, the things Zayn had done to him the first time he was held captive by the mad, mad King. A small part of her wanted to cry, and she hated herself. Not just for what was happening to Ethan, but what must be happening to Harry as well.

She remembered the night when Venice and Harry rescued Ethan from the dungeons so the two could have that one night together. She wondered why they took Ethan back to the dungeon again… If they were capable of helping him break out of there, then why did they made him go back? What was the point? She wondered.

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