Chapter 1

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Irina Cahill yawned tiredly as she finished putting five hamburgers on the grill. It was only Monday and she was already exhausted.

She heard the bell on the restaurant ding but paid it no mind. The lunch rush had slowed, but she knew they'd still have a few stragglers as the afternoon continued.

Hearing her co-worker and friend whistle low though had her turning her head. She found Gina biting her lip and twirling a lock of her red hair around her finger.

"What are you looking at Gina?" Irina asked.

"Oh, la la girl! Some fine-looking sex on two legs just walked in," Gina told her.

"Isn't that supposed to be "sex on a stick"?" Irina asked Gina with a snort.

Gina waved her hand around in a "whatever" movement, still staring out the doorway at the newcomers.

Irina just shook her head because Gina's idea and hers of "fine looking" were two different things.

Gina liked her men with tattoos that covered entire body parts, hair hanging down in their faces or long beards, and boxers showing from low hung pants.

Irina on the other hand? Well, she didn't mind a tattoo here or there. Fact was, her late husband had a couple of tatts, and one had been in a very...lick-able place! She'd found it very erotic to lick him there and watch him come undone!

At the thought of her dead husband, all thoughts of other men left her. Instead, all she felt was the longing for the man who had loved her and been taken to soon.

Mike had been her high school love. Neither of them had two pennies to rub together but they'd loved each other. So, they married right out of high school and found a cheap place to live after they'd found jobs.

She'd found one waiting tables, he'd found one working as a night janitor. With him working most nights, and her most days, their time together wasn't a lot. They'd made every minute they were together count though.

Feeling tears coming, Irina shook her head and focused once more on Gina. Clearing her throat, she said, "You're supposed to wait on the customer Gina, not ogle them."

"Oh, but I think you'd even like the looks of these two," Gina told her with bright eyes. Then she turned, grabbing menu's and left the kitchen.

Irina shook her head.

Gina could be a bit man crazy. She enjoyed to flirt, and to dating, and did a lot of it. When she found a good one though, she was loyal and was a good and loving girlfriend.

Shaking her head, Irina took the patties off the grill and finished the order. She then yelled, "Order up!"

Picking up two new orders, the waitress Julie had left her, she started on those. She wasn't interested in checking those men out. She'd had the love of her life and now he was gone. Sure, she was lonely sometimes, but she didn't know how to put herself out there and find a new love.

She glanced down at her left hand where her ring had once been. She'd taken it off about six months ago. She's gained enough weight it had become constricting. At the time, she'd felt as if it might be a sign that it was time to remove it, to try and move on.

It would be six years next week since death took Mike away. Still, it would take someone extra special to catch her eye.

I'm only thirty-five, but, she thought with a sad smile. She then sighed and thought, maybe one day love will sneak up on me again like it did with Mike. Until then, I'm happy enough...I guess.

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