Chapter 19- Chains

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For something a bit different, I have decided to add a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago to this devotional. I hope you enjoy!


These chains have held me for so long,
created by my own mind;
they damage me.
For so long they've held me, long             gone.
Long gone are my worries of the past, I can now see the light.

I used to be chained to this wall of hurt,
Its spikes of worries, these chains of pain.
But now, I've overcome what's painful.

With these chains, I've learned that without pain, there is never gain.

These chains, they have cut so deep and made scars.

The wall of spikes were my bed at night, and left me unable to sleep.

Now, I am able to move on and follow what matters.

There are no longer chains to hold me down, and no walls to hold the chains.

No bars to keep me enclosed.

What there is, though, is God and his wonderful salvation that freed me from these sins.

He freed me; lifted my chains and opened the bars.

He led me toward the light, and I will continue to follow that light.

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