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"A short leash and a short fuse dont match"

Life is not fair. Especially not when you are an average looking sixteen year old with two gorgeous looking nineteen year old cousins. Addy and Emma were two of the most beautiful women I'd ever met. With scarlet hair and leafy green eyes, their skin pale skin was always flawless, hair always long and styled, and lips always painted red. They were sexy.

Dad wouldn't let me be sexy.

Dad wouldn't let me do much of anything.

Addy and Emma had always been an unbreakable duo. No matter how much time we spent together, or how much time they spent with other friends, it didn't seem as though anyone could truly break through to either of them. I couldn't even remember the first time I had met them, but I know I had been chasing their tail ever since.

Three years didn't seem like a huge age gap at first, but now that I was sixteen, and they were nineteen they could drive, they were out of school, they had boyfriends, and sex, and went to parties, and while I wanted to follow them in everything they did I always had to wait.

It wasn't my turn yet. I wasn't old enough yet. I didn't understand yet.

Mom and Dad gave me excuse after excuse, but as Emma took my hand and pulled me into the secret passageway in my room they admittedly found fascinated I realized they were finally giving me a chance to catch up.

"A party? A college party?"

"Sure why not. Have you ever been to like, a real one?"

"No." I admitted. "But there's no way they'll let me go."

"Well duh, that's why you don't tell them." Addy said. With the passageway behind us closed to prevent any watching eyes or listening ears, I couldn't see either of their faces to tell if they were being serious or not.

I picked up a flash light and shined it to Emma first as it had been her who had invited me first. "How would I get away with it?"

"Easy." Addy said and I turned it to her. "You tell him you're coming to stay with us, we tell Dad we are going to show you the campus and get something to eat, but, oops, oh no, we ran into some friends and it's so late is it really safe to drive home? Of course not, we just crash in the dorms."

"Obviously crash in the dorms is code for hit the party." Emma clarified in case I had missed that.

"Crashing in the dorms an hour away? Dad would have a cow."

"Which our Dad will know, and will conveniently not tell yours to avoid getting you in trouble. Tada!"

"How many parties have you snuck into?" I asked looking between the two, not that there was enough light for them to tell.

"By your age, plenty."


"So? What do you say Charlie?"

I considered it. I wanted to. I wanted to so badly. Everyone in my school had been to parties, everyone was hooking up, everyone had done some drinking, or smoking, or at the very least a late night adventure. But not me. I was no better than Rapunzel locked in the tower. No freedom, not really. My only true bit of privacy was behind this hidden wall. Every room but the bathrooms, and these secret tunnels had cameras placed.

"Won't everyone know I'm younger? Too young to be a college student?"

"Of course not." Emma fluffed my hair a little as though she could see the results in the dark, then took the flash light from my hand to point it at my face. "We wouldn't take you looking like that. We've got just the outfit, just the makeup, and just the place to go."



I know this chapter is shorrrrt, but I really wanted a TGIF  cause it's been too damn looooong. I guess this is like a little teaser since it's so short.

For those of you who DID read the trilogy you'll find that this novel picks up right around the epilogue, for those who did not read the trilogy, no worries! This one will totally be a stand alone! (: so I welcome all new and old readers and I'm excited to start another wattpad journey!

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