Chapter 033: Shockwave

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        Brynn woke up for the second time that night, and looked around. Her hair was it's normal color again, and so were her eyes. She realized she was in a different place. It seemed to be an old cabin. She sat up and looked around, and spotted Will lying on a couch, and Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan were scattered around. She watched as Jonathan moved a bed to the center of the room and put Will on it.

"W-what are you doing to him?" She asked. Joyce's head snapped over toward Brynn.

"We're helping him," Joyce said simply.

"Will it hurt him?"

"...Probably Sweetie, But it won't last long, I promise,"

       Brynn tied Will to the bed while the others placed heaters around, all facing him. She tied the final arm to the bed and looked at him. It completely destroyed her to see him like this, it wasn't even Will. It was a monster. She felt guilty, staring at her best friend. If only she'd gotten him out of the Upside Down faster.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Jonathan asked.

"This thing has had Will long enough, let's kill it," Joyce said, determination laced into her words.

They started lighting up all of the heaters, immediately turning the room into an oven. Before long, Will had started screaming at the top of his lungs and thrashing around in the bed.

"It's not working. It's not working! Mom, are you listening to me?!?" Jonathan yelled.

"Just wait!" Joyce yelled back.

"How much longer?!?" Brynn could tell Jonathan was upset, she was too. It wasn't the first time she'd watched her best friend thrash around screaming, but this time was the worst.

"Look At him!"

"Jonathan just wait!"

"You're killing him!"

At this point Brynn was crying, not just crying, sobbing. She didn't know what to do other than stand there and cry. Everything was a teary blur until Nancy started yelling.

"Jonathan wait! His neck! His neck!"

Brynn looked at Will's neck and saw what looked like black veins, making their way up his neck and face. He started making a screeching sound that no human should be able to produce. Suddenly, he ripped free of the restraints on his right arm. Joyce grabbed him and pinned him down, only for Will to grab her throat in a choke-hold.

Brynn, not being able to take it anymore, ran outside the small cabin, the door flying open and hitting the outside wall in the process. She sat beside the door and pulled her knees close to her chest. Then the loudest sound Brynn had ever heard ripped through the air. It was Will screaming mixed with a horrible screech.

Brynn could only do one thing. She let out an ear peircing scream, rubbing her throat raw. She wasn't even sure if the sound she was making was human. The roots to the trees in front of her were torn out of the ground, every green plant within a mile of the girl wilted and turned brown. The bark started peeling off of the trees that were still intact, falling to the ground and turning to ash. She stopped screaming and fell forward on her knees, and as soon as her hands touched the wooden porch, a huge shockwave shook the earth, it was 10x the size of the one she produced in the Upside Down. More trees fell, and leaves were kicked up off of the ground. All of the lights she could see in the distance went off, exept the ones in the cabin.

Suddenly, a huge black cloud burst out of the cabin and flew away, Nancy ran outside, following it. She looked at all of the damage Brynn had caused.

"You... you did this?" She asked. Brynn didn't move. That is, until she heard Will's soft voice utter the word, 'Mom?' Brynn shot herself inside the house as fast as she had ever ran. She saw Joyce Hugging Will. She sat down on the bed beside them and looked at Will. She grabbed him in a tight embrace, and he wrapped his arms around her in return. Everything was okay.

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